The ClimaStand line of products allows you to display your instruments exquisitely and properly protect them from fluctuations in humidity and temperature.  Our cases ensure a lifetime of true tone, vitality, and balanced sound from your instruments.

Acoustic Remedy produces the only display case on the market which provides handsfree, low maintenance humidity control.  By incorporating the Planet Waves Humidipak System as our method of humidity control, we not only provide a reliable humidification device but also allow our customers to be away for business or pleasure for up to 3+ months without worry.  No more filling of sponges...no more forgetting and paying the price for damages.  Ultraviolet filtering glass is another protective option only available from Acoustic Remedy.  UV glass protects finishes on vintage and new instruments alike.

Your finely crafted instrument is truly a work of art.  We provide an unparalleled frame produced from sustainably harvested domestic and exotic hardwoods.  All ClimaStands are handmade in the USA by Amish craftsmen from western Wisconsin.  Their communities are nestled in the bluffs along the majestic Mississippi River and are renowned for fine woodworking.  Their skills are showcased in every case we sell and each has its beginnings in an Amish workshop.

Perfectly displayed.  Perfectly humidified.  The perfect frame for your work of art.   View Our Cases