Storing and Displaying Your Guitars, Ukes, Etc.

September 04, 2018 1 Comment

Storing and Displaying Your Guitars, Ukes, Etc.

Acoustic Guitar Magazine just wrote an in-depth article on a variety of methods to storing your guitar(s) - both in an open air environment and also in a display cases.  Of course we are partial to our methods, but there are several other quality products which people can choose that showcase the beauty of a fine instrument. 

Although we would've preferred some photos of our products in the article, we realize space was limited and so we chose to write up a quick summary to elaborate on what Acoustic Remedy can do for musicians to store and display your instrument when it's not being played.

No matter which method you choose, it's very important to remember that humidity changes drastically effect the quality of your guitar and playing experience.  We personally thought this extremely important topic was described to a "T" by none other than our friend Richard Hoover at Santa Cruz Guitar Co.:

“As the action rises [due to string tension], the change in your instrument’s geometry decreases the guitar’s resistance to the string pull and in turn increases the forward movement of the neck. Here the strings are pulling the bridge from a steeper angle, causing it to rotate and belly the top behind it. This bulge in the top will raise the strings even higher, which will further accelerate the now well-established—and possibly fatal— distortion of the whole instrument.”


First of all, it bears mentioning that each and every one of our products is made by hand in small batches by one Amish builder.  He's amazing at his craft and really unbelievable how much he puts into creating exquisite products for us.  We would be nowhere without him.

Secondly, we have been extremely fortunate to have a very high percentage of customers who return for multiple units and they have been a great pleasure to work with.  We are blessed indeed!  We like to think our customer service is part of the reason customers return because one of the owners are personally answering each and every email.  We strive to give our customers what we'd expect when buying items like ours.  But...the other really big part is that our products are amazing at what they do or otherwise we wouldn't be in business.  So enjoy a quick summary of each below and let us know if we can help in any way!



Our ClimaStand is a patented humidified guitar display case, available in floor and wall models, for single guitars.  It works exceptionally well because of the gasket/latch system, which is the backbone of creating an airtight environment that allows the D'Addario Two-Way Humidification System to work its magic.  Recently, we have integrated an upgraded LED powered light system, which has been a hit with our customers.  You can view our Floor ClimaStands here and our Wall ClimaStands here.  Shown below is a nice photo one of our customers shared with us with three Ebony Stained Northern White Ash rectangle models.


As we continue to develop our product lines, we are aiming our sites on a multi-guitar ClimaStand for a client.  We feel our niche in this market will be a better built multi-guitar cabinet at a better price point.  At the same time we are going to incorporate many domestic and exotic woods that will provide more options to match interiors and have that one-of-a-kind piece.  Stay tuned!


    We also have been hard at work coming up with marketing plans for our patent pending TotalStand and also plan to launch a SimpleStand.  Both are constructed from solid hardwood, Amish made, and have the defining feature of the option of using it as a single stand or doubling your real estate by resting a guitar along the cushioned angled pole.  You can check out the TotalStand below and we will have photographs of the SimpleStand hitting the site soon.  Both of these options we feel are an improvement upon existing hardwood stands which only can store one guitar and lack some other features we incorporate, such as an integrated pedal board and tablet/book/sheet music holder.  You can view our TotalStands here.


    We have been making several of these for customers lately and have been working on a deal with The Ukulele Site to get a couple ukuleles to properly launch this product.  They are available in both wall and floor models for ukes ranging in size from concert to baritone.  They will also feature identical components and wood offerings as the guitar versions.  Stay tuned!

    A special thanks to all our customers out there that keep this train rolling down the tracks and we hope if you aren't already a customer you will be soon!


    The ARC Crew



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    Marty Teasdale
    Marty Teasdale

    March 22, 2020


    I really like your cases and can see a need here in my home. I saw a note saying you were thinking of making a multi guitar model.
    I am looking for a case that will hold two guitars. I have an OM and a D model.

    Is the assembly required?


    ps. I talked to someone at your company a few months ago.

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