Acoustic Remedy Cases on the hit ABC Show Nashville! March 29 2016, 0 Comments

The second half of season four of the TV show Nashville kicked off a few weeks ago and, although I’m not much of a TV guy myself, I was glued to my couch watching every second of it in great detail.  Of course the story telling was great and the music was, as always, off the charts, but I wasn’t looking to be entertained by the plot.  Instead I was checking out the scenes behind the acting, inspecting the sets, and waiting with baited breath to find the one thing I was really looking for….the Acoustic Remedy Cases ClimaStand.

Right around Christmas last year I received a random call from a phone number in Nashville that went to voicemail.  I was in meetings all morning so I didn’t see the call come through, but getting a call from Nashville is a pretty common experience for us.  I figured it was a customer calling to order a case or Ellie Warmoth from Artisan Guitars calling with an order for their store.  But the message I heard on the other end nearly knocked me off my seat.  “Hi Ryan, my name is Kim from the TV show Nashville, I’m not sure if you’ve seen the show, but we found your cases online and would like to use them on a set this upcoming season.”  I nearly drove my car off the road when I heard it and immediately called her back.

I did my best to play it cool on the phone trying to pretend like I knew the drill and had been around the block once before but I’m sure she could sense the excitement in my voice.  Kim was quite gracious and only asked for one case, but I was worried the case might not be the right color so instead I sent them three.  A beautiful African mahogany floor ClimaStand, an African mahogany flamed maple combo floor ClimaStand, and the always coveted and impressive looking Zebrawood floor ClimaStand.

Its kind of funny, after I sent the cases I realized that I’d just shipped $4,350 worth of merchandise to someone I’d never met that told me they worked for the TV show Nashville and wanted to use our product in the show.  It dawned on me that anyone with a Nashville phone number could call up a company like mine and get them to ship of whatever amount of product they asked for with the promise of appearing on the show.  Adam, my business partner thought we’d been scammed for sure, but I am naïve and trusting so I did my best to chill him out.

In the end our patience and trust paid off.  All three ClimaStands appeared in Season 4, Episode 12 entitled “How Does It Feel to Be Free.”  In this episode the producers introduce a new character named Riff Bell, a Garth Brooks type that left the music scene at the top of his game in his prime and is poised to make his return to the big time by helping out his old buddy Luke, who’s tour has fallen on hard times and is in need of a new attraction to put people in the seats.  We don’t know yet how the tour will end up, but all three of our cases stood dutifully in the corners of Riffs decked out studio while the two fictional giants of country music worked out a deal.  It was a thrill to see and we could't be more proud.

If you ever wonder how to get your products on a TV show…apparently they have their people call your people.  A sincere thanks to the producers, set designers, and staff at the TV show Nashville.  You presented a great opportunity and we really appreciate it.