Cases of all different sizes! October 21 2013, 0 Comments

We're often asked if we can make cases for instruments other than guitars and the answer is YES, we've made cases for mando's, ukes, violins, and even cello's.  We actually have a stack of mandolin/uke cases in the shop that are getting ready to be photographed and rolled out as a product line.  So far our bread and butter has been guitar cases so that is where most of our energy has been focused but as we grow we intend to add more product lines.  It takes a bit more time and effort than you would think to photograph a new line and get it up on the site, so if you have an instrument that you want a case for that doesn't fit into a guitar case let us know and we will make it for you...or we might already have some in stock but are just working on getting them up on the site.


Ryan and Adam


New Wood Types Available Soon! September 20 2013, 0 Comments

We are in the process of adding some new woods to our product line.  We will be introducing our Oak Suite which includes:  Red Oak, 1/4 Sawn Red Oak, White Oak, and 1/4 Sawn White Oak.  We don't plan on keeping too many in stock, so these may incur a slightly longer delivery time because we will have them made at the time of order.  Depending on the number of orders we get in, we will re-evaluate and consider keeping a few of each in inventory at all times.

Since oak is such a common wood in a majority of homes, we decided adding these woods will allow people to closely match their interior cabinetry and other furniture.  Hopefully people find this new option useful!

Also, another new wood we are trying out is reclaimed barn wood.  Our Amish builder has access to lumber from several barns in western Wisconsin and we decided to try it out for a case.  This will offer a shabby chic feel and will complement rustic interiors such as cabins, log homes, etc.  We think it's going to look pretty awesome and are in the process of building the first one, so we will see how it turns out in the next few weeks.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any other woods you would like for us to try out.  We are always looking for more reasons to build!

~ Cheers, the ARC Team

New Design, Same Great Features August 09 2013, 0 Comments

We were recently contacted by a customer who wanted a rectangle case.  This was something we had considered in the past, but hadn't really jumped into new designs since we launched our company.  So we took a little drive out to Amish country and hashed out a proper size, discussed any challenges such as more weight on the hinge due to larger glass, and came up with a game plan.  After seeing the results....we couldn't be happier and we are excited to hear people's reactions!

This process has resulted into a new product line for us and we are in the process of adding it to our website.  These will be available for purchase around mid August, but in the meantime we can certainly talk through any order you would like to place and make it happen.  Just visit our Contact Page and enter in the first line of the message "Rectangle Case" or give us a call. 

For the time being, we only have photos of the Ribboned African Mahogany, however we are able to offer these cases in any wood type that is offered in our trapezoid shaped cases.  They be available ONLY as wall mounted units.  Stay tuned and here's a couple pictures for your viewing pleasure.


Monthly Contest - Until Further Notice July 02 2013, 0 Comments

We admit it....we haven't been the best at updating what the monthly drawing entails.  This is equal parts being really busy and slacking on it.  In the past we have seen a great response from the monthly winners taking advantage of discounts offered, but for some reason lately we haven't had to many orders come in based on the winners we have chosen.  Either way the contest shall go on!

From this point forward the contest will remain the same.  Each month, we will choose one lucky person who will receive 20% off any case of their choice and two people will receive 10% off.  If your name is chosen, then this is a great opportunity to save some cash on our great cases!

Keep checking back as we plan to ramp up the News section of our website.  We will commit to posting interesting material related to all things guitar, provide some exclusive sales / promotions, and of course the new happenings around Acoustic Remedy Cases.  

Thanks to everyone who has signed up for our email and entered our contest.  We are glad to see so many people interested in our cases and look forward to releasing the next Newsletter in the next couple weeks.  Please add to your contact list so it doesn't get flagged as spam.

Cheers ~ ARC

A Big Thanks to Taylor Guitars February 12 2013, 0 Comments

We are big fans of Taylor Guitars, in fact both founders of Acoustic Remedy Cases have just recently become the beneficiaries of Taylor's generosity and kindness and have taken delivery of two new Taylor guitars (visit our website to see them in our product shots).  It's been amazing listening to what comes out of these guitars -- something to behold for sure.  If you are familiar with Taylor, then you are also aware of their near obsession with humidity.  It is estimated by Bob Taylor, founder and president of Taylor Guitars, that around 70% of the instruments that come back for warranty repair are for damages could have been avoided if the guitar was stored in an environment with the proper relative humidity

I'll be honest, our company started with a dream to make a great way of storing a guitar and keeping it accessible.  We have poured our heart and soul (and most of our extra cash) in to the business so while we were servicing customers with fine instruments, our experience with them mainly involved trips to Dave's Guitar shop to noodle around on whatever they would let us play. It goes without saying that we have been extremely happy to finally get some nice instruments of our own, but I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive about the responsibility of owning a nice guitar.  I've always known we had a great product, but when I became personally responsible for a $5,000 instrument my appreciation for the ClimaStand grew to another level.  Every day I walk past the guitar on my way to work, and every day I pick it up to strum a tune just because it is sitting there in the ClimaStand staring at me.  I sleep well at night knowing that the guitar is sitting perfectly at 50% RH and protected from the sticky fingers of my three little boys, and when I go out of town for a week I don't think about sponges drying out because the Humidipaks last for months.  Needless to say I love my ClimaStand.  But one event sticks out in my mind as the time I really began to appreciate what our product brings to our customers.  Right before Christmas we had a photo shoot to update some of our product photography and to provide some good shots to the Fretboard Journal for an upcoming feature.  I had to send my ClimaStand to the photographer and was without it for a week while he worked on getting good photographs.  For that week my guitar sat in the hardshell case it was delivered in.  I had every intention of putting some Humidipaks in the case, but I kept forgetting and when I got the ClimaStand back from the photographer I realized that I had gone almost a week without playing the guitar and had completely forgotten to humidify it.  Since that week the guitar has been stored in a ClimaStand, and every day I marvel at the simplicity and reliability of our system.  Simply stated, I don't trust myself to own a nice guitar without having a ClimaStand to put it in.  It is the easiest and most reliable way to protect your guitar...and it is the best way to see your guitar every day so you pick it up and play it.

Thank you Taylor Guitars, not only have you given us the gift of great music, but you've really opened our eyes to how great our product is.  
We have provided a link to Taylor Guitars website and an article from their Wood & Steel publication.

Same great display cases, new website! August 15 2012, 0 Comments

We're happy to announce that we've launched our new website, now with full e-commerce capability so that you can order our custom humidified guitar display cases online!  We have to thank our friend Jared Chelf, the owner of Coulee Creative ( for putting the site together.  We think it looks great and functions even better.

Of course we are always here to help and would love to speak with you over the phone or email as well.  If you have questions, ideas for a custom case, or would like to place an order over phone please give us a call at 651-3341-9955 or email us at  

Thanks for visitin our site.