ClimaCab | Bout & Neck Rest Storage System

ClimaCab | Top Rail & Neck/Bout Rest Tandem Display Option

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The Top Rail & Neck/Bout Rest Display Option combines two of our most popular display options giving you the ability to use them individually or in tandem across the entire width of the ClimaCab.

Both display options do not impede one another when in use simultaneously or individually. To display with only the Top Rail Display Option, simply remove the components of the Neck/Bout Rest Display Option and insert the hanger blocks from the ceiling. To display with the Neck/Bout Rest Display Option, reverse the process and insert the hanging components for a different look within minutes. To display with both display options, simply find the configuration that works with the instrument types, sizes, and general desired layout of the ClimaCab. The possibilities are endless with the Top Rail & Neck/Bout Rest Tandem Display Option.

When purchasing this display option, the following components are included:

  • 4-10 String Swing Top Rail Hangers with pivotable yokes

  • Hardwood rail mounted to the ceiling of the ClimaCab

  • 4-10 cork lined Neck Rest Wedges complete with neodymium magnets on the backside to magnetically lock into Wedge Rail

  • 2-4 cork lined Bout Rest Rails which are moveable from front to back in the ClimaCab to accommodate for various lower bout sizes of instruments

  • 4-8 Cross Support Rails to allow for the front facing option when using the Neck/Bout Rest Display Option

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