We've created the ClimaCab Deluxe collection based on a high demand.  The ClimaCab Deluxe allows you to Incorporate a variety of added features to the lower section of the ClimaCab.

The standard offering for all sizes of ClimaCabs is a storage compartment in the lower section that is accessible via two doors.  The hardwood box, which stores the humidifier, takes up approximately ten inches of depth and runs front to back in the lower storage compartment.  This still leaves adequate space to store a variety of items commonly used to play music.


The ClimaCab Deluxe can be designed to suit your needs with a completely customized solution or you can choose from a growing list of examples we've worked on for other customers.  We've chosen to tier the options based on pricing and complexity to complete.  Each option will be quoted upon request based on wood species.  We've also purposely left out dimensions because they will vary with each sized ClimaCab.

Tier I
  • Dovetailed Drawers: 
    • The dovetailed drawers will be positioned above a set of doors giving you enhanced storage. 
    • The humidifier box will still remain in the center to allow for access and proper humidification.  Therefore the drawers occupy the remaining space to the left and right with the drawer fronts overlapping the face frame to create a symmetrical and proportional appearance
    • All drawers incorporate ball bearing, soft close 
  • Low Profile Storage Compartment:
    • If height is a concern or you'd like to have your instruments stored below eye level, you can choose to shrink the lower storage compartment
    • The minimum height is ten inches to allow for the humidifier storage box
    • This option with drawers is found in Tier II
Tier II
  • Low Profile w/ Dovetailed Drawers
    • Similar reduction in height as found in Tier I, this option allows for incorporation of a set of drawers in place of the storage compartment
  • One Dovetailed Amplifier Pull Out Tray 
    • Option to incorporate on the left or right side
    • All roll out trays feature a 1 1/2" lip on the front edge with a finger pull routed out to allow for easy in/out
    • Bottom mount, ball bearing soft close slides are capable of holding up to 100 pounds, which is more than adequate for nearly every amplifier on the market
    • Due to the humidifier box being mounted in the center, the amplifier will have to be rotated 90 degrees prior to pushing the tray in and closing the doors
    • NOTE:  Only available in the standard size lower storage compartment size
    • Approximate maximum amplifier size is listed in the table below
Tier III
  • Two Dovetailed Amplifier Pull Out Trays
    • Incorporate roll out trays on both the left and right side

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