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ClimaCab | Traditional

Featuring ClimaControl Technology™

The ClimaCab | Traditional  is the middle size of our multi-instrument line of humidors. It can comfortably store anywhere from four to six instruments depending on configuration and display option chosen. Dimensions and other specifications can be found on the Specs tab.

Designed with maximum versatility to display instruments and control the climate around them, there is no parallel to the craftsmanship found in each Acoustic Remedy ClimaCab.  

  • Five standard display options with several different configurations
  • ClimaControl™ Technology incorporates a hermetically sealed environment and redundant humidification means zero gaps in care regimen
  • Available in 30+ different domestic and exotic wood species.  Further customize with 25+stain types to complement instruments and interior spaces
  • Made to order, by hand in an Amish work shop in western Wisconsin

Discover the enhanced beauty of your prized instruments in an exquisite, handmade ClimaCab | Traditional. You will find yourself playing more and ensuring your instruments are preserved for a lifetime of use, balanced sound, and true tone.  

Just as you've come to expect excellence in your instruments, you can now have the same in your ClimaCab | Traditional.

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    > Overview

    The ClimaCab | Traditional  will revolutionize your regimen to protect and preserve your instruments with the added bonus of displaying them beautifully and enhancing a variety of interior spaces.  In order to accomplish this, we've not only constructed and designed the cabinet to be robust, innovative, and of the highest quality, but we've also integrated several features to enhance your experience with a premier instrument humidor.

    It all begins with a vast catalog of domestic and exotic species that are sustainably harvested with longevity in mind.  From there, the raw lumber is handcrafted into Acoustic Remedy products in a small Amish shop nestled on the sandstone bluffs above the Mississippi River in western Wisconsin. In addition to this unparalleled small batch, handmade quality we offer some of the finest accessories to make the ClimaCab function properly as a climate controlled humidor. After exhaustive research and development, testing, and validation, we've selected only the finest 3rd party manufactured accessories into our ClimaCabs.  Simply put, they are the best available on the market in their respective genres and are made to last a lifetime, making them the perfect complement to the ClimaCab's inherent longevity.

    Each of these features are discussed in more detail throughout the ClimaCab | Traditional listing and the ClimaCab collection as a whole. Where applicable, we will link to pages that can give you more detail if you desire to dig deeper.





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    > Specs

    The ClimaCab | Traditional measures externally 48" W x 72" H x 22 1/8" D. The upper and lower sections vary based on the upper section display option chosen and the lower section modifications, if applicable.  Specific dimensions of each upper section display option can be found in the table below.

    The 72" height is able to fit nicely into a variety of room layouts and the 48" width means it requires a bit more space to comfortably fit while not being overwhelming. Lastly, the 22 1/8" depth is a proper distance from the wall for cabinets of this type.

    We offer five display options for the upper section and a multitude of options for the lower section.  Customization options for the upper and lower section are available by request or by selecting from examples of what we've done during previous builds.  Examples and options can be found on the Options tab.

    Display Option Upper Section Dimensions (Internal)

    Lower Section Dimensions (Internal)

    Top Rail 53" 17"
    • Standard display option
    • Accommodates longer scale instruments, such as bass guitars, with adequate clearance to floor
    ProHang 53" 17"
    • Addition of slat wall does not fundamentally change the dimensions
    • Hanging of longer scale instruments from slat wall provides additional clearance to floor
    Neck/Bout Rest 48" 22 1/2"
    • Upper section is shrunk while the lower section is increased to keep overall height at 72"
    • Adequate clearance below Left to Right Rails for strap pins
    Top Rail & Neck/Bout Rest Tandem 53" 17"
    • In order to use a combination of Top Rail & Neck/Bout Display Options, internal dimensions for the upper and lower remain the same as Top Rail & ProHang Display Option
    Top Rail &  Neck/Bout Rest Split 53" 17"
    • In order to use a combination of Top Rail & Neck/Bout Display Options, internal dimensions for the upper and lower remain the same as Top Rail & ProHang Display Option


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    > ClimaControl Technology™

    When it comes to preservation and general well being of stringed instruments, humidity control is considered one of the most important topics for musicians to understand and pay attention to.  Being that humidity is relative to temperature, both play an important role in lifespan, playability, and tone from the instrument. For this reason, Acoustic Remedy focuses on overall climate control via our industry leading ClimaControl Technology™.

    This technology revolves around a very simple principle that a hermetically sealed environment is much easier to consistently maintain optimal climates for instruments housed within than one that allows for exterior air to enter the cabinet and disrupt the conditioning process. We accomplish this by incorporating a highly durable neoprene gasket and high strength neodymium magnets along the center bar and the back of the door frame that pull the door tight upon closing.

    Once the interior is sealed off, we incorporate our Dual Humidification Process™ that includes not only an industry leading Acoustic Remedy Humidity Control System, but also a back-up source with Boveda Two Way Humidification packets stored elegantly in handmade Aromatic Cedar packet holders.

    Patented Guaranteed Seal System

    • A durable, automotive grade, black neoprene gasket is mounted to a hardwood strip and is positioned above the framework around entire perimeter of the upper section of the ClimaCab

    • High strength neodymium magnets provide up to 45 pounds of pull each and a flush mounted pair at the top and bottom to create adequate magnetic pull

    • Upon closure, the neoprene gasket is compressed against the door frame and creates a hermetically sealed interior

    • Each ClimaCab is light tested along the entire perimeter prior to leaving the shop. If no light can escape, no air can either

    • Hermetically sealed interior comes to equilibrium based on scientific principles of relative humidity in an isolated environmen resulting in proper humidity levels in minutes not hours

    Dual Humidification Process

    Acoustic Remedy Humidity Control System 

    • The Acoustic Remedy Humidity Control System consists of a stainless steel 1-gallon reservoir, a smart controller, a Swiss-made humidity and temperature probe, a fan, and all necessary wiring
    • Factory calibrated at 50%, the set point is easily manipulated up or down with arrow buttons and easy to follow menus
    • The reservoir is housed in a hardwood box that is secured to the center of the bottom of the upper section and drops into the lower section approximately 10"
    • 1 gallon reservoir requires refilling only 10-12 weeks, on average
    • For reduction in humidity, the reservoir can be replaced with a reservoir containing moisture absorbing desiccant beads (sold separately)

    Boveda Back Up Humidification Source

    In addition to the Acoustic Remedy Humidity Control System, the patented Boveda Two Way Humidity Control Packets serve as a back up humidification source allowing you the peace of mind in the event of gaps in filling of the reservoir, extended power outages or time away from home, and as calibration tool by absorbing or emitting moisture as needed.

    • Boveda’s patented 2-way humidity control continually responds to ambient conditions by adding or removing moisture to affect the enclosed environment and deliver the pre-determined RH (relative humidity) level printed on the pack
    • Packets available in the following RH levels: 49% (standard), 49% High Absorption (HA), and 72% Seasoning. Please elect at time of purchase if either the 49% HA or 72% is preferred over the standard 49%
    • A leakproof permeable membrane allows for the transfer of water vapor without causing damage to product or packaging through direct contact
    • The saline solution contained within the packets works on the simple principle that salts combined with water will naturally regulate humidity


    Boveda Aromatic Cedar Two Packet Holders

    • Packets are stored inside of slotted Aromatic Cedar Two Packet Holders, which are attached to the backside of the left door frame, allowing for elegant and discrete storage
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    > Handmade Quality

    Fine woodworking is more about an individual piece or style, it's about reshaping the raw, organic, and natural beauty of Mother Earth to give it a new life in your home with purpose and elegance that's more than the sum of its parts.

    In a world consumed by mass-production there is something so gratifying in the slow and meticulous process of creating a unique piece from start to finish. All items are made to order and yours will be fashioned with an attention to detail in intimate hands-on approach that makes each item truly one-of-a-kind.


    Hickory Ridge Woodworking

    Hickory Ridge Woodworking is a small Amish shop nestled on the sandstone bluffs above the Mississippi River in western Wisconsin. Previously an old tobacco drying barn, the conversion into a diverse woodworking shop at this location began in 2016. Prior to the current location, Hickory Ridge was situated approximately 15 miles away on top of Hickory Ridge, hence the name that has carried forward until this day.

    Acoustic Remedy began working with Hickory Ridge Woodworking in 2011 after a couple years of prototype development, the first ClimaStands, and a brief time working with a different cabinet shop. After an introduction from String Swing founder Paul Thieman, the wheels were put in motion and the rest is history. Acoustic Remedy's patented designs, prototypes, and ideas come to life by working one-on-one with a true master carpenter.

    Of course we may be partial to our method of construction, but the Amish made, small batch quality found in each and every ClimaCab leaving our shop is truly a work of art. Seeing the progress from a stack of sustainably harvested lumber to a fine piece of furniture is quite a site to behold. World renowned construction techniques are passed down through generations and the process continues today as the apprentice is learning from the master.

    A common misconception is that the Amish do not use any power tools.  This is not true although all components have some degree of hand tool usage in their fabrication.  The Amish elders set the rules for the entire community and from location to location these rules can be slightly different.  One common theme across the Amish is that no electricity is used in their personal lives as well as during the course of business.  However, the need to harness the power of diesel engines was recognized and is used to this day to turn pulleys, shafts, and other belt driven equipment.  The ingenuity to accomplish is truly amazing as one walk through the shop shows the process takes an amazing amount of planning and understanding of gear/belt ratios to deliver the right amount of power to the machinery.


    We invite you to learn more about the process, including the unique tools used to create our products. Tours of the shop are by appointment only and subject to numerous factors, so if you're interested please contact us and we'll attempt to coordinate schedules.


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    We offer five standard display options in the upper section and a multitude of options for the lower section storage compartment, with the ability to customize both as needed. In a majority of cases, the standard lower storage compartment is sufficient but certain situations require different options and we are able to accommodate nearly any request.

    All display options incorporate the standard components as shown on the Features tab. These core components make our humidors the best in the world and no compromise is made in that regard. After all, the upper section is a perfect blend of a climate controlled environment and a beautiful display, protecting the integrity of the instrument while showing off the exquisite features.

    Provided below is more detail for each display option, including their effect on how your instruments are showcased as well as how they are fundamentally stored, for example hanging from the ceiling versus resting on the bout rails.  Each individual display option banner will link to a separate page by clicking it.  On those product listings, additional information and pricing can be found.

     Following the introduction of the display options, some basics on the Lower Section customization can be found.  Typically these options are quoted based on pertinent details.


    The upper section is where all the magic happens. Instruments come to life, both literally and figuratively, as they are stored in a perfect climate for stringed instruments, around 50% relative humidity, and are on full display for the viewer to respect the luxurious aspects of each. Acoustic Remedy offers five standard display options for the upper section. The Top Rail display option is standard if no other display option is selected. It's worth spending some time looking this section over to determine exactly how you'd like to see your instruments, the features of each option, pricing, and other aspects to consider.















    The lower section of the ClimaCab is not wasted space. To begin with, it always contains a 100% hardwood storage box for the Vigilant humidifier, so its importance is paramount to the function of the ClimaCab.

    The standard offering includes either one or two doors to access a storage compartment capable of storing common accessories. These door(s) would have a mission or shaker panel design. This option is the first banner shown below.

    Choose from many popular options such as dovetail drawers and pull out trays. See the full array of options or dream up your own for a truly unique ClimaCab.















    We offer a wide array of possibilities for increasing the safety of people using the ClimaCab as well as for the instruments housed within. These options vary by price, size of ClimaCab, and a few other variables. Please inquire for pricing.




    Please visit the Woodwright website to determine which stain options you'd like on the main wood species of the ClimaCab.

    Once on the Woodwright website, you can select the wood species on the left side and it will filter the stain types on that wood.  Multiple woods can be selected to compare and contrast.

    In addition, we can provide physical samples of the wood for a small fee, which will be applied towards the purchase of the ClimaCab if applicable.


    We offer 1/8" double strength glass as the standard option. If you'd like to upgrade, UV Blocking/Safety glass information can be installed.



    We offer Greenwich Collection as the standard option in either black, brushed satin nickel, or windover antique. If you'd like to upgrade, you can select your own hardware or we can give you options.

    In addition, you can elect to have coved finger pull in place of the hardware for a minimalist design.



    The standard option is Mission panel. Raised panel is available as an upgrade. Both options have distinct styles and it's important to select which will work best in your space



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    Call Us at 608-406-9860 or 651-341-9955

    > Ordering & Lead Times

    Our ordering process is multifaceted. For starters, we have a secure checkout on the site, which we welcome everyone to use. This is accessible by navigating to the top of the product listing, where you can add all features to a cart.

    In general, nearly every ClimaCab we sell involves at least one phone conversation to cover all the options and get pertinent details to complete the order. In fact, we prefer to have those conversations so both Acoustic Remedy and the customer are 100% on the same page as well as give ourselves an opportunity to meet one another.  We thrive on providing exceptional one-on-one customer service to get you exactly what you want. After all, this is a significant undertaking, both financially and logistically, so we are happy to provide you assistance in making critical decisions that will impact how you and others use the ClimaCab. These decisions last a lifetime and then some.

    We've outlined the process below for some clarity and also covered some aspects in our FAQ. If there are any questions you might have after reading this through, please contact us for additional information.

    In Stock Inventory

    We build all ClimaCabs to order. On occasion we may have a small inventory of ClimaCabs for a variety of reasons, including those built for product development, photography, or for trade shows. Please inquire on availability and pricing.

    Lead Times

    Due to high demand of our products, extended lead times do apply. In general, the build cycle is approximately 6-8 months; however, due to circumstances often times out of our control and our builder/finisher's control, these times may extend beyond this timeframe. This includes but is not limited to: lumber availability, timing of order (i.e. we've already started a batch of ClimaCabs), personal reasons for the builder and finisher, equipment breakdowns or necessary maintenance, 3rd party suppliers, freight carriers, customization of ClimaCab, etc.

    We will communicate with you via phone or email regarding extended lead times beyond our standard build cycle. In the event it will take longer, please understand that we are working as diligently as possible to create these handmade items and deliver them without quality compromised.

    Building Your ClimaCab

    The following outline are basic steps that should be determined when placing an order for a ClimaCab. All customization options require communication either via email or by phone to finalize. For all items except the main wood species, the Options tab will show examples, pricing, and additional information.

    1.) Main wood species for the ClimaCab: This wood will comprise all portions of the upper section except for slat wall and accent woods. Common wood species can be found at the top of the product listing in the drop down menu along with base pricing for those species. Note: Exotic wood species are not listed, but are available. Please contact us if you're interested in exotic wood species and also visit our Wood Catalog for inspiration.

    2.) Upper section display option: The standard offering is the Top Rail display option which incurs no additional cost from the price listed in the drop down menu. Learn more about the five display options on the Options tab. From there, you can add the desired display option to your cart by using the radio buttons at the top of the product listing.

    3.) Lower section size and/or appearance: The standard offering is the size listed on the Specs tab with the Mission panel style. This option incurs no additional cost from the price listed in the drop down for the main wood species. Raised panels are a more traditional look and available as an upgrade. In addition, the standard lower section storage is an open cubby, minus the space required for the humidifier hardwood storage box. Options to incorporate additional functionality in the lower section can be found on the Options tab

    4.) Staining: Once the main wood species, upper section display, and lower section storage have been decided it's time to decide if staining the wood is desired. Matching interior color schemes is just part of the appeal of stain. We offer Woodwright brand stains, which are applied prior to the three coats of catalyzed lacquer. A good starting point for determining stain type is to visit the Woodwright website to look at the 30+ stain types on a variety of wood species. At that point, you can place an order for wood/stain samples and should you choose to place an order, we will apply the purchase price of the samples to the ClimaCab.

    5.) Hardware type and/or coved finger pull: On the Petite and Petite+ sizes, the coved finger pull is the standard offering. Hardware is available and upon request a Greenwich Collection pull can be installed on the doors on the upper and lower section. Available options and examples are shown here.

    6.) Glass type: 1/8" double strength is the standard offering on all ClimaCab sizes and types.   UV Blocking/Safety Glass can be installed for additional cost and information on this option can be found here.

    7.) Security and safety options: If robust security is desired, we offer Enhanced Security and Safety packages. More information on those systems can be found here.

    8.) Accent woods: We offer the ability to mix in a different wood species than the main wood species. In addition to the slat wall, which is by far the most popular and visible location, the other locations in the ClimaCab vary by display option. Common locations to incorporate the accent woods include the humidifier grille plate, the wire concealer from the floor up to the humidifier control box, the neoprene rubber gasket strip/LED light diffuser, and the 1/4 round cover pieces in the back corners.

    9.) Inlays: True customization by the hands of masters at Aulson Inlay. Contact us for details, examples, and pricing.  You can also visit this page for more information.

    Physical Samples

    We offer physical samples of every wood species as well as stained samples. With a vast wood library and over 30+ stain types, the combinations are nearly endless. All stain samples are priced slightly different (i.e. Northern White Ash vs. Cocobolo) and will be determined by Acoustic Remedy staff. If you elect to move forward with your purchase, the sample cost will be applied to the ClimaCab.

    One of the easiest ways to narrow in on what samples you'd like to see is to determine the main wood species, stain type (if applicable), slat wall (if applicable), and accent woods. One of our most commonly applied scenarios is to apply a darker stain to the main wood species and then use contrasting lighter color for the slat wall and the accents. An example of this would be Flamed Maple with Boston stain for the main wood species and Flamed Maple slat wall/accents. Although this is common, there are many configurations that work. Another example is Walnut with Aromatic Cedar slat wall/accents.

    Confirmation of Order

    If you place an order online, please enter your shipping and billing address, email, and phone number. You will receive an auto generated email from our ordering system with an order number and confirmation of payment. In addition, due to the custom nature of the ClimaCab, one of the owners of Acoustic Remedy may reach out to you to confirm all aspects of your order.

    If you contact us, we will walk you through the options and take notes on your order. We will send a confirmation Order Summary in pdf format for you to review. If any edits are needed, we request those to be made within 48 hours. We will require a 50% non-refundable down payment to get on the build list. This invoice will be sent to you from our order system and be entered by Acoustic Remedy. Until the 50% down payment invoice is paid, the order will not be entered into the production schedule.

  • Questions/Assistance/Guidance or To Place An Order

    Call Us at 608-406-9860 or 651-341-9955

    > Gallery


    We have a vast array of photographs, so for simplicity sake we've consolidated most of those in the ClimaCab Galleries and Videos page. Provided here is a small preview of the contents on that page, which can be accessed by clicking the Learn More button below.

    Prototypes for Photography

    Occasionally we will build new prototypes to test out product design ideas, to have ClimaCabs for trade shows, or to design custom orders for customers. These cabinets will be photographed and the features added to the product listing as they are completed. We will be diligently updating this page with new features, concepts, designs, and prototypes for our customers to consider. If there is something you have in mind that isn't shown, please inquire on those specifications and we will do our best to accommodate your requests.

    Please click the Learn More button to be linked to the official ClimaCab Galleries and Videos page.


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