The ClimaStand is a climate controlled, floor model humidor designed to be the world's simplest and most stylish method to preserve and display a variety of stringed instruments.  With a hands free, automatic climate control system and unrivaled handmade quality only found in Amish shops, the ClimaStand will quickly become a key tool in your instrument care regimen and the centerpiece of any room.

The ClimaStand is identical to the ClimaCase, our wall model humidor, with the obvious difference being that it's mounted to a base unit turning it into a stand.

Musicians know that proper care is required to keep your instrument in optimal playing condition and preserve its value. As an added benefit, having the instrument nearby and easily accessible means more time playing and less time worrying about exposures to damaging humidity/temperature fluctuations.  Fine instruments are exquisite pieces of functional art that deserve to be on display.  With a ClimaStand you can bring your instruments front and center while ensuring they are properly cared for to guarantee a lifetime of true tone, vitality, and balanced sound.

We offer two distinct styles of the ClimaStand, a rectangle or triangle shaped, and a variety of sizes for different instruments. Both styles feature different stable, hardwood bases. The triangle style base positions the instrument at a comfortable viewing angle by tilting it back slightly. The horizontal and vertical supports of the base provide a solid platform with a small footprint. For the rectangle style, the base is rectangle shaped with crown molding attached to the bottom adding stability. Although the rectangle version is very stable; however, because of its upright design, we recommend utilizing furniture straps to prevent accidental tip over.

In addition to these options, a wide array of sustainably harvested hardwoods, that originate both domestically and across the world, provide a multitude of different color schemes, textures, and patterns that are sure to complement a variety of interiors.