Our ClimaStand line of products originated in 2008 with our flagship product, the Traditional Guitar ClimaStand | Floor Model, and has grown based on customer demand to the suite of humidified display cases that are sized accordingly to house virtually all stringed instruments ranging from violins, mandolins, ukuleles, banjos, guitars of various sizes and types, and cellos.

If you have unique instruments that may require a custom built ClimaStand, please inquire because we may already have the perfect sized ClimaStand for your needs.  If not, then custom creations are no problem and we will assist you through the process.  

Common Features
Guaranteed Seal System™:

All ClimaStands feature our patented Guaranteed Seal System™, which combines a highly durable neoprene gasket and spring loaded latches to pull doors tight to gasket to achieve an airtight environment.

Humidification Process:

With the hermetically sealed environment, humidification becomes very easy.  We make it even easier by incorporating the effortless Boveda patented 2-way humidity control system which continually responds to ambient conditions by adding or removing moisture to affect the enclosed environment and deliver the pre-determined RH (relative humidity) level printed on the pack.

All ClimaStands come with a starter set of Boveda 49% RH packets that will typically last around 2-3 months depending on starting moisture levels in your instruments, home, and the interior of the ClimaStand.  The packets are placed into Boveda's Cedar 2-Packet Holder which fits comfortably in the lower corners or can be mounted along the side of the ClimaStand with included magnets or velcro.  

Other percentage Boveda packets are available, including the 49% HA (high absorbtion) which is designed for more humid climates and the 72% seasoning packet which is designed to quickly bring instruments to the proper level and out of the danger zone.






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