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Barksa Dehumidifier

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The Dehumidifier by Barska is the perfect accessory for our ClimaCases, ClimaStands, and ClimaCabs where excessive moisture may be persistent.  If you live in a region where high humidity persists, the mixture of high humidity air into the hermetically sealed environment of our humidors may create a situation where levels are too high for stringed instruments.  The Boveda Two-Way Humidification Packets can assist with mild high humidity conditions and the Barska is one of the many dehumidification products we offer. 

Excessive moisture can, in extreme circumstances, create mold, mildew, and corrosion. This dehumidifier includes a patented color changing humidity indicator changes the dehumidifiers color from blue to pink when it is time to evaporate the moisture it has collected. This is easily done by placing the Barska Dehumidifier into a microwave for 4 minutes at 600W.


  • Patented Color Changing Humidity Indicator
  • Reusable Microwave-Safe Design
  • Mesh Pouch Filled with Moisture Absorbing Silicon Dioxide (SiO2)


    • Weight: 7oz. Outer
    • Size: 5inch x 3.5inch x 1.25inch


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