The DualStand comes in two distinct product lines - Standard and Deluxe.  Both store two guitars in the footprint of a typical single guitar stand and are an extremely stable and stylish way to store your guitars.

The main difference between the Standard and Deluxe is the base unit and the angled music holder.  On the Standard version, the base unit is a flat slab of 3/4" hardwood which has self adjusting metal feet attached to the bottom.  On the Deluxe version, the base unit is a pedal board complete with an angled deck routed out for wire management and tapering towards the user for ease of use.

Both the Standard and Deluxe can accept an angled music holder, with the latter having this option included.  The angled music holder is a great option to store books, tablets, and sheet music while playing.  In addition, picks, small tuners, and capos can find a nice home keeping them close by.  With the addition of the angled music holder, the option to store two guitars is still available and it's easily removable for a more sleek look.