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ClimaCab - Petite


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ClimaCab - Petite

Featuring ClimaControl Technology

The ClimaCab is the world's most versatile climate controlled, multi-instrument display cabinet.  Any combination of guitars, ukuleles, mandolins, violins, banjos, dulcimers, bass guitars, and other stringed instruments can be stored within the ClimaCab.

Acoustic Remedy's ClimaCab - Petite is the smallest size of our multi-instrument line of humidity controlled display cases.  It's designed to allow for maximum versatility in displaying and protecting your fine instruments.

PLEASE NOTE:  This product is under development, but we've already made the ClimaCab - Traditional and the ClimaCab - Grand which are identical in all features with the only difference being the size.  The Traditional is 48" wide and the Grand is 63" wide.  Once the Petite version is complete, we will photograph and finish this product listing.  

Our ClimaCab - Petite can store anywhere from two to six instruments depending on configuration and types of instruments.  Because of the nearly unlimited possibilities, an Acoustic Remedy crew member will contact you following order to determine the correct number and types of hangers you need.

As with all of our products, each are handmade one at a time in small batches. Each has its beginnings in an Amish workshop nestled on the bluffs above the Mississippi River in western Wisconsin. Traditional woodworking techniques passed down through generations ensure the highest quality construction available.  Just as you've come to expect excellence in your instruments, you can now have the same in your humidity controlled ClimaCab.

  • All ClimaCabs come standard with the following high quality components:
  • Highly durable rubber gaskets around the perimeter of the cabinet
  • Neodymium magnets to pull the doors tight to the gasket
  • Powered one gallon humidifier with analog humidistat
  • Matching, handmade wood humidistat cover
  • Boveda back up humidification package
  • Remote controlled LED lighting available in cool through ultra warm color spectrum
  • Keyed locking mechanism
  • Two storage compartments on bottom
  • Trademarked Top Rail and Slat Wall Hanging System
  • Highly accurate Caliber IV hygrometer to monitor humidity levels.
  • Cherry, Black Walnut, Flamed Maple, Plain Maple, Northern White Ash, and Aromatic Cedar round out the standard wood species for this product line. Several woods can be stained to match the interior of your house or to highlight the beauty of your instruments.
  • Some examples of dual wood combinations include Cherry with Black Walnut or Flamed Maple with Aromatic Cedar.  The primary wood would make up the majority of the cabinet and the accents would include the rail system, slat wall, and powered humidifier cover plate.
  • Upgrades are available for wood types and other appointments, stains and finishes, and a wide array of exotic woods are available for those looking for truly unique look.
    • Dimensions

      • 32" wide x 23" depth x 65" tall

    • Number of Instruments

      • Depends on configuration and instrument types

      • Acoustic, electric, bass guitars, and banjos are typically stored from the Top Rail Hanging System hangers although they can also be stored on Slat Wall Hanging System

      • Typically 2-3 acoustics, 3-4 mixture of acoustic and electrics, and 4-6 electrics can be stored in the ClimaCab Petite

      • Smaller instruments such as ukuleles, mandolins, violins, and dulcimers are stored on the Slat Wall Hanging System

      • Common configurations include utilizing the Top Rail Hanging System for larger instruments in conjunction with the Slat Wall Hanging System for smaller instruments

    • Patented Guaranteed Seal System and ClimaControl Technology
      • AR's patented Guaranteed Seal System combines a highly durable rubber gasket and neodymium magnets to pull doors tight to gasket to achieve airtight environment

      • ClimaControl Technology includes the combination of the Guaranteed Seal System and the Dual Humidification System described below. 

      • Eliminates any chances of instruments falling out of ideal relative humidity range for stringed instruments

      • Preserves instruments for multiple generations and improves tone, vitality, and balanced sound 

    • Small Batch Quality

      • Handmade in the USA in small batches, one at a time in an Amish workshop

      • Satin smooth, catalyzed lacquer finish provides protection for wood surfaces and accentuates the beauty of the wood grain

    • Dual Humidification System

      • 1-gallon powered humidifier and accurate humidistat to turn unit on/off to maintain proper relative humidity level of 45-55%

      • (5) Boveda Cedar Two Packet Holders and (10) 49% Two Way Humidification packets

        • Acts as a secondary humidity control for anytime the powered unit is out of water, power outages, or extended periods of time away from home

    • Storage Compartment

      • Two compartments create the base of the 48" ClimaStand. Each measures 23"D x 24"W x 13"H. 

      • Includes high quality soft close, concealed hinges

      • Optional LED lighting inside storage compartment, shelving, and other personalized options can be added at your preference

      • Features coming soon - amp storage and small pedal board with power supply in back of cabinet
    • Security

      • Keyed cam lock available in stainless steel or black powder coated

    • String Swing Hangers

      • From the Top Rail Hanging System, String Swings can pivot 180 degrees at the yolk

      • From the Slat Wall Hanging System, 8" Multi-Angle String Swings can pivot 180 degrees at the yolk and at the slat wall.  Fixed arm String Swings do not pivot and come with 2" or 4" stems.

      • More information on String Swing hangers can be found here:

    • UV/Tempered Glass Options

      • All ClimaCabs come equipped with high quality 1/8" thick glass

      • Options to upgrade to UV filtering glass and tempered glass are available

    • Inlay Options

      • We've partnered with Aulson Inlay (www.aulsoninlay.com) to create exquisite offerings for our customers.  Visit their website for some inspiration or allow them to create customized inlays.  

      • Please send us a message via our Contact Us page and we can walk you through the process.  This option will add additional time (TBD) to the build process.

    • Exotic Wood Types

      • We have made cases from woods harvested from all over the globe and source them from sustainable operations. We will never make a case from illegally harvested woods.

      • If you have an exotic wood type in mind, please send us a message via our Contact Us page and we can discuss your options.

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