Acoustic Remedy brings you the option to swap out the wood sides of your ClimaCase for glass sides. Often times the sides of instruments incorporate some gorgeous woods that deserve to be seen while still keeping the important climate control in tact or compromising the strength of the ClimaCase.

Strong Joinery

The side of the ClimaCase has the exact same extremely strong joinery incorporated into the door frame.  All frames are glued and screwed giving the joint exceptional strength.

Types of Glass Available

  • Standard 1/8" Double Strength glass
  • Upgraded 1/8" laminated UV Blocking/Safety glass
  • Anti-Reflective (AR), Non-Glare (NG), or combination AR/NG is available upon request and requires 3-4 week lead time to procure

Select either standard or UV from drop down menu.  Contact Us for more information on the AR, NG, or AR/NG options.

Professionally Installed

Installation for both glass types begins with a bead of clear silicone on the frame prior to laying the glass in.  Next a bead of silicone in small gap between the glass and frame locks the glass into place.  Finally, the finishing touch of either using rubber glass retainer for the 1/8" Double Strength glass or matching wood retainer strip for the UV Blocking/Safety glass.

Wood Species

Any wood type is available for this option and we will add more photos as we build more Glass Sided ClimaCases.


Contact Us if you have any questions.