In this collection are some of our most popular wood species, all of which grow readily in our home state of Wisconsin.  All items in stock at the time of purchase and ordered prior to 12/5/21 will ship by 12/15/21 or sooner via FedEx.

We will update our inventory of these items as frequently as needed to keep current.  Offer valid only on in stock items, while supplies last. 

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Wood Species Triangle  Rectangle
Aromatic Cedar 2 1
Birch 2 0
Cherry 2 3
Flame Maple 5 2
Flame Maple w/ Ebony Stain 1 1
Flame Maple w/ Provincial Stain 3 0
Northern White Ash 2 2
Northern White Ash w/ Ebony Stain 1 2
Northern White Ash w/ Antique Slate Stain 2 0
Northern White Ash w/ Coffee Stain 0 2
Northern White Ash w/ Piano Black 3 0