Acoustic Remedy is committed to bringing the highest quality instrument displays that are performance centric, include high quality construction, and feature some of the most beautiful woods in the world. 


Included in this collection is our patented TotalStand and it's paired down relative, the SimpleStand.  Both are capable of storing two guitars in one footprint and are constructed from 100% hardwood. 

A recent addition to this lineup is the popular Guitar Rack, which capable of storing four to ten guitars depending on which size is chosen.

Ordering Information:

We typically stock a good supply of the TotalStands and SimpleStands in most wood varieties.  If we have them in stock, you can expect them to ship within 5-10 business days.  If we do not have them in stock, we can run production batches and those completion timelines vary.  If your order and do not hear back from us that's an indication that we will be able to fulfill the order immediately.

The Guitar Rack is a new product and it will be built to order until we determine if the demand necessitates carry an inventory.


All products in this collection can be customized to a certain degree.  We can construct them from any woods used in our popular ClimaStands.  Please browse those options and contact us to discuss custom woods.

Inlays, mixing of two woods into one stand, and other options are available.  Please contact us to discuss further.


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