With the ClimaCabs being a new product line for Acoustic Remedy, we've taken a methodical and analytical approach to develop what we feel is the humidified, airtight multi-instrument display cabinet on the market.  We've incorporated the exact same Amish woodworking techniques and attention to detail that our ClimaStands are famous for into the the ClimaCab and come up with some great innovative features found nowhere else.

To date we've built several in the Traditional and Grand size.  More photos will be uploaded very soon for both of these sizes.  We are nearing completion of the first Petite size. 

For all information regarding ClimaCab features, capabilities, and other general information please refer to the Traditional product listing below.  We are working diligently to bring new examples of each size to life and we hope to hear from you regarding your needs. 

In the meantime, if you have any questions do not hesitate to email us at acousticremedycases@gmail.com or call either Adam @ 608-461-2080 or Ryan @ 651-341-9955.