Musician Seating

Pick Stool

Type: Seating

> Overview

Our first product type in the Musician Seating collection, the Pick Stool is a functional stool that incorporates a familiar shape to musicians - the guitar pick. 

> Features

• Upper seat and the lower foot rest/shelf are fashioned into the iconic shape

• Upper seat is large enough to support a variety of body shapes. Typical seating position is to put the point of the pick between legs; however, there is ample room off all three sides of the triangle shape

• Lower foot rest/shelf located at an ergonomically correct height to allow for playing with proper technique

• Edges of the top seat area are rounded with a 1/2" radius providing a comfortable playing experience

• Three square legs provide robust stability and can support up to 400 lbs. safely

• All legs feature plastic glides nailed into the bottom for flooring protection. Felt pads can be added to the glides for additional protection if desired

• Neck rest on the backside of the seat allows for instrument to be temporarily stored by leaning the neck into the cradle. Finish safe cork lining protects all finishes from marring or scratching

> Unsurpassed Handmade Quality

Made in the USA

• 100% handmade construction from domestic and exotic hardwoods

• Built in small batches, one at a time by Amish craftsman in western Wisconsin

• Satin smooth, catalyzed lacquer finish provides protection for wood surfaces and accentuates the beauty of the wood grain