Our popular wall model rectangle ClimaCase is now available in a floor model ClimaStand.  We've incorporated some gorgeous crown molding securely mounted to the bottom of a hardwood base to provide exceptional stability and exquisite detail.  


At each corner, the crown molding is meticulously cut to create perfect 45 degree angles.  The crown molding has a traditional looking pattern is milled from 100% hardwood.  Underneath the base, two pre-drilled holes guide the self-tapping screws allowing for quick and secure installation.  

The Rectangle ClimaStand are identical in fit, form, and function as their ClimaCase counterpart.  Should you choose to convert your rectangle ClimaCase to a ClimaStand, the base unit is available for purchase separately.  

Please Contact Us and we will ask a series of questions to get the correct hardwood base selected for the conversion.

Wood Species

Any wood type is available for this option and we will add more photos as we build more Rectangle ClimaStands.

Special Order

We don't typically stock these base units; however, we may have a few sitting around so please inquire.  If we don't have any in stock, we will build them from scratch which can take anywhere from 3-6 weeks depending on current production schedules.


Please Contact Us and we will reply quickly to provide a solution.