Wenge | TotalStand

Wenge, Mellettia Laurentii
Wenge (/ˈwɛŋɡeɪ/ weng-gay) is a tropical timber, very dark in color with a distinctive figure and a strong partridge wood pattern. It is often used for a substitute for ebony. The wood is heavy and hard, suitable for furniture and often used in fine musical instruments. It is native to tropical West Africa, including Zaire, Cameroon, Tanzania, and Gabon.

  • The TotalStand is a patented open air stand from Acoustic Remedy.  It's handcrafted in the same Amish shop as our ClimaStands and quite simply is a beautiful guitar stand with some well thought extra features. 

  • Dual Guitar Storage:  our patented design allows for one guitar to hang freely over the base while the other rests along the slightly angled neck. NOTE:  We  provide a small cork pad with peel back adhesive to allow you to place along the neck to protect the finish of your guitar.  We've integrated industry leading String Swing guitar cradles that thread into brass inserts mounted flush with the neck surface.  
  • Pedal Board Base:  the robust construction of the base and engineered center of gravity design provides a steady footprint that eliminates risk of tipping.  The sides of the base have a slight routed portion along the floor edge which effectively creates two feet increasing the stability. Removing one guitar from the TotalStand does not place your other guitar at risk.  We've tested this many times with different weight guitars on either hanger and no situation posed any issues.  Routes along the length of the base turn it into a small pedal board capable of holding 2-3 pedals.

  • Removable Tablet/Sheet Music/Book Holder:  a matching holder is capable of holding several items musicians like to have at arms length when practicing guitar.  Tablets, books, sheet music, picks, capos, small tuners, and other items can easily be stored when using this holder.  If you decide to leave the TotalStand as a sleak, simple dual guitar stand, removing the holder is very simple and takes under one minute to complete.

  • 100% Hardwood Construction:  the beauty of a handmade music accessory from Acoustic Remedy is second to none.  All TotalStands feature full hardwood construction and are made in small batches by one Amish craftsman in a shop tucked high on the bluffs above the Mississippi River in western Wisconsin.  

    Sophisticated Design:  sleak lines, slim profiles, and exquisite American hardwoods make the TotalStand capable of fitting into any room, studio, office, den, bachelor pad, or family home.  

    • Shipping and Fulfillment
      • Flat Rate Shipping of $20 to the lower 48 states. If you live outside of this area you can still purchase the stand and check out. We will contact you with a custom shipping quote shortly.
      • We have a big batch of TotalStands ready to go, but we are still packing them up. Order your stand today and it will ship next week! Once we get caught up we will start shipping "next day"