Violins are prone to humidity fluctuations as much or more than other stringed instruments.  In addition to the body of the violin being susceptible to shrinking and swelling, which can crack the top or cause a host of other issues, the pegbox can swell to the point where tuning the violin becomes impossible.  With an Acoustic Remedy Violin ClimaStand and the patented innovative features we incorporate, humidity related damages are a thing of the past.

In this collection you will see examples of Violin ClimaStands we've built for customers.  Any wood species is available for Violin ClimaStands and pricing can be found in the drop down list at the bottom of the products

All ClimaStands are interchangeable from wall model to floor model and vice versa.  Typically we would recommend that these are hung on the wall but we've built several with a base unit as well.

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