Wall Models

Waterfall Figured Bubinga | Rectangle Wall Model

Figured Bubinga, Guibourtia demeusei
Bubinga is one of the most beautiful African hardwood lumbers. Due to the fine tight grain and its reddish brown color bubinga is often referred to as “ African Rosewood”.  Heartwood ranges from a pinkish red to a darker reddish brown.  Bubinga also features a host of stunning grain figures, such as flamed, pommele, and waterfall which make this wood truly unique.  This particular waterfall variety has spectacular figure.
  • The ClimaStand is a patent pending humidity controlled guitar case that provides protection for your instrument, displays it beautifully, and keeps it accessible to play.  Each of our handcrafted models achieve an air-tight seal and utilize Humidipak Two-Way Humidity Control Technology or a humidity control method of your choice to maintain a perfect environment for your guitar.  Proper care of your instrument is the number one way to ensure a lifetime of use and protect your investment.

  • Our rectangle cases are ONLY available in Wall Model version.  All cases in the Custom Shop are minimum 6 weeks from order to delivery.  Certain woods and designs will incur additional wait time.  Please email us and we can figure out the details.

  • All Wall Models feature three anchor points to securely mount the case to the wall.  One anchor point is near the String Swing hanger and the other two are spaced 16 inches apart near the bottom of the case for to allow for easy mounting. A bumper pad is placed on the back panel to create a cushion between the instrument and the ClimaStand.  Expect 5-10 business for delivery.

  • Approximate dimensions: 48”h x 24”w x 7”d

  • "I finally had the time to set up my new case and I LOVE IT!  It's very well made and I think it looks great protecting the Jewel of my guitar collection, the very first R. Taylor guitar ever produced (Serial Number 0001)."

    - Ron Denoo, Indiana

    • Handmade in the USA by Amish craftsman
    • Satin smooth lacquer finish
    • Highly durable rubber gasket seals the door to the body of the case creating an airtight environment
    • Spring loaded, stainless steel latches that pull the door toward the body of the case to compress the gasket
    • String Swing guitar cradle and bumper pad
      • Most trusted brand in the industry
      • Adjustable yoke
      • Materials have been proven safe for all finishes
    • Battery powered LED lighting
      • 6 energy efficient LED's
      • Ultra bright wide coverage
      • Tap on/tap off
      • Head rotates to aim light where desired
    • 6 month supply of the patented Planet Waves Humidipak two-way automatic humidity control system
    • Choice of glass - Standard double strength or UV filtering, select from drop down below
  • Non-Dreadnaught Sized Guitars 
    Every guitar we have tested comfortably fits in the ClimaStand, however if you have special requests for your unique instrument we ask you to either contact us by phone or email us so we can determine the exact dimensions that your particular instrument may require. Typically we are able to turn around your custom sized ClimaStand in approximately 6 weeks. 

    Inlay Options 
    Every one wants something that is uniquely theirs.  If you have an inlay project in mind for your ClimaStand we are happy to put it into action.  Please contact us and we will use our unique connections to make something that is truly special.

    Exotic Wood Types 
    We will make a ClimaStand out of any wood type you want.  Please contact us directly and we will walk you through the process

    Storage Compartment
    We can add a storage compartment to the floor models.  It measures 4" h x 13" w 2" d  and can easily store straps, tuners, capo's and an extra set of strings.  This option is a $50 upgrade, please select the option from the drop down menu below.