2023 Holiday Sale

2023 Holiday Sale

Happy Holidays from Acoustic Remedy!  We have had a great year so far, thanks to our wonderful customers, dedicated team of builders, and the small team of three running the day-to-day operations.  As we enter the end of fall and slide into winter, we wanted to take a pause and offer some holiday discounts.

'Tis the season to pay close attention to the dropping humidity levels and ensure your instruments are humidified properly during the upcoming dry months.  In light of this, we have discounted our in-stock ClimaCases and ClimaStands by 15%. 

In addition, we have marked down our popular DualStands by $100.  These stands are great for practicing, recording, and even gigging.  Lastly, we are introducing our new Low Depth ClimaCab and booking orders for the next batch of ClimaCabs set to begin sometime in late spring 2024.

We hope you have a relaxing and enjoyable holiday season.  To all our past, present, and future customers - thank you!

ClimaStands and ClimaCases Collection

DualStands Collection