Buyer's Guide - Accenting Your ClimaCab with Different Wood Species or Stains


We offer a unique way to accent your ClimaCab to give it a two tone look and create some contrast or complementary colors within the upper section.

These accents are both functional and aesthetic in nature.  Some of the pieces are core components of our display options, while other pieces aid in the visual interaction with the ClimaCab. 

Oftentimes our customers will accent with a different wood species that contrasts the primary wood species of the ClimaCab.  An example would be a Northern White Ash with a darker stain accented with Flame Maple clear coated.  This would give the ClimaCab an overall darker appearance from the outside, but upon looking closer the Flame Maple would be evident.  Another example would be to use the same wood species, but stain it different colors.

The sky is the limit on how you can accent your ClimaCab with different wood species or stain tones.  Please click the box below to access the document, which will aid you in determining where and how to accent your ClimaCab.

As always, feel free to call or email if you need any assistance.