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Packet Renewal Program



We invite you join the revolution of automatic humidity control. You might ask - what is automatic humidity control? And the answer is twofold - 1.)  The D'Addario Two Way Humidification packets automatically humidify your ClimaStand to the proper relative humidity level for guitars, which is 40-50%, and 2.)  Acoustic Remedy Cases is bringing you the first automatic renewal source for the packets.

By joining the Packet Renewal Program, you will get D'Addario Two Way Humidification packets directly to your door every three months. These automatic quarterly shipments give you peace of mind and remind you to change out your packets to eliminate gaps in protection. It's the world’s easiest and most reliable humidification system and the Packet Renewal Program makes it easy for you to achieve a perfect environment for your guitar year round.

Features of the Packet Renewal Program:




Join the revolution of hundreds of people who have realized the vast benefits of handsfree, low maintenance humidity control by using the Planet Waves Two Way Humidification System.  We look forward to providing this service to you and reach out to us with any questions, comments, or concerns by visiting our Contact page.