ClimaCab| Boveda Back Up Humidification

In addition to the Vigilant Sentry 10 or Sentry 100, every ClimaCab ships with a redundant humidification source in the form of Boveda humidification packets.  These packets are the only source of humidity control in our popular ClimaCase & ClimaStand and they work on a basic scientific principle that salt water can regulate humidity.

How the Boveda Packets Are Used In the ClimaCab

There are a couple of important distinctions in regards to the Boveda Back Up Humidification.  In all ClimaCabs, they are designed to back up the Vigilant or take over in the event of long periods away from home, power outages, forgetting to fill the reservoir, and a few other instances where the Vigilant may be inoperable.

In the Petite and Petite+ models, the packets may be the only source of humidity that is required due to the smaller cubic footage, however we still include a Sentry 10 in the purchase price.  Every situation is different, so use common sense when and if making the switch to packets only.

In all ClimaCabs, once the equilibrium has been met the packets neither remove or add moisture above or below 49%.  The hermetically sealed environment is in homeostasis and will stay that way without any inputs , such as opening and closing of the doors to introduce new air or when instruments are taken out and in brought into a new environment prior to going back into the ClimaCab.

In the Petite and Petite+ sized ClimaCabs, the inner portion of the cabinet is accessible via one door.  On Traditional and up sized ClimaCabs, the inner portion of the cabinet is accessible via two doors.  This is an important distinction because of where the Boveda Two Packet holders are stored and how they are used.  On the Petite and Petite+ sized ClimaCabs, we recommend to store the packet holders where the floor and the back meet.  On the Traditional and up sized ClimaCabs, we pre-fasten the packet holders behind the center bar where the two doors close onto.  This keeps them out of sight when looking at the ClimaCab from the front yet very accessible to check the packets every few weeks for depletion of moisture.

Simple Steps to Start Using Boveda in the ClimaCab

Are They Safe?

Many studies have been done by Boveda in the development of their patented products. The membrane on the packet allows for moisture transfer without leaking.  If you do notice any visible signs of moisture on the outside of the packet, please discard and use a new packet.  This happens very infrequently and is not a catastrophic loss of the saline solution contained within.

How Can I Get Replacement Packets or Packet Holders?

 We sell all types of Boveda packets and replacement packet holders here.

In addition, we have subscription programs for packets to arrive at your house at set intervals.  If you'd like to set up a subscription program to eliminate any potential gaps in humidity control, please visit this page to sign up.

Are There Different RH Levels for the Two Way Humidification Packets?

Boveda offers a 49% packet, a 49% High Absorption (HA) packet, and a 72% Seasoning packet.  The most frequently requested packet for humid regions is the 49% HA and in most regions and climates, the 49% packet will work perfectly.