ClimaCab Hardware Options


Acoustic Remedy includes high quality hardware for your ClimaCab.  You have  three hardware finish options, a coved finger pull option (standard on Petite), and additionally you can provide your own hardware.  

Coved Finger Pull

On the Petite models, the standard offering is to route a portion of the door frame for what we call a coved finger pull.  This option was included on the Petite because it only has one large door, as opposed to two doors on all other models, and this design has been successful on our ClimaStands and ClimaCases for many years.  This option does exist for the Traditional and Grand size ClimaCabs, so please ask if you'd rather not have a pull.  On those models with two doors that meet in the center, we put the coved finger pull on the top of the doors.  Similarly, the coved finger pull would be on the top of the lower section doors.


In order to keep things simple yet sophisticated, we landed on the Greenwich Collection.  This high quality collection is a perfect compliment to the design and curved lines found in certain aspects of the ClimaCab and the instruments contained within.

Streamlined, clean and modern, the Greenwich Collection’s overall linear design is softened by pleasing architectural curves. This straightforward uncomplicated design looks stunning over modern, shaker and rustic ClimaCabs equally well.

Dimensionally these pair well with the upper and lower section doors and they are fashioned from high strength alloys to provide a comfortable opening of your ClimaCab.  

Oil-Rubbed Bronze

The oil-rubbed bronze is nearly black and has a silky smooth texture.  Great for adding contrast to pale colored ClimaCabs or to add a rustic touch to woodgrain prominent ClimaCabs. For a sleek minimalist look, try Oil-Rubbed Bronze over piano black ClimaCabs.

Brushed Nickel

Brushed nickel is more of a subtle, softer looking finish. It has a slightly brushed appearance with a semi-satin appearance.  

Windover Antique Finish

Windover Antique is ideal for rustic ClimaCabs with its weathered appearance, adding subtle character to a particular design.

Note:  Stock photo, actual hardware on a ClimaCab photo coming soon...

Note:  Stock photo, actual hardware on a ClimaCab photo coming soon...


Upper section door pulls

Lower section door pulls

Option to Provide Your Own Hardware

We can install any hardware you wish, so if you'd like to match something in your home or simply have found the style you like that's different than what we offer, please order the hardware and ship it to:

Acoustic Remedy Cases, LLC
4220 Fairway Street
La Crosse, WI 54601