ClimaCab - Other Options

Acoustic Remedy provides an array of options to customize your ClimaCab.  On this page, you'll find various links to products, informational documents, and other resources on our site to assist you with making these decisions.

These options are more visual in nature. although some of them effect the functionality as well.  In general, you can forego this entire page and use our Building Your Climacab - Step by Step Guidance document found here.

However, if you've already selected the size, primary wood species, and display option for your ClimaCab then the rest of the decisions that need to be made can be found on this page.

Panel Options

There are two primary wood panels used on the doors and sides of the ClimaCab's lower section.  

Stain Options

Changing the appearance of the primary wood species is as simple as selecting a Woodwright stain to be professionally applied.  After application, the stained wood is triple coated with a catalyzed lacquer finish.

Hardware Options

We offer several types of finishes for the pulls on the ClimaCabs. Please note that the coved finger pull is the default option for the ClimaCab Petite and Micro.  We can put pulls on these cabinets, but we need to know at the time of order placement.  For the ClimaCab Petite+ and larger, the pulls are installed unless you elect to use the coved finger, which we also need to know at the time of order placement.  The standard finish color is black unless you decide on a different finish.  

Security Options

We offer several different lock types to keep your instruments from unwanted hands touching them and potential theft.  The most popular option is the keyed cam lock, which comes in a variety of finishes including black, brushed satin nickel, polished nickel, brass, and hammered bronze. In addition to the keyed cam lock, we have audible alarms and keypad entry options.

Glass Options

All ClimaCabs come standard with 1/8" double strength glass that is durable, has exceptional clarity, and is easy to clean and maintain. The only downside of this glass is that if its impacted, it will break into shards which is a risk for people, the ClimaCab finish, and the instruments contained within.

For those looking for an upgraded glass option, we offer a couple of different options. Our most popular option is the UV Blocking/Safety glass, but we also have beveled edge and anti-reflective glass.

Accenting Options

There are multiple locations where accents woods and stains can be brought into the ClimaCab to give it a unique look. Often times, this two tone look complements either the instrument or the room where the ClimaCab will be located.

Customization Options

If you'd like to customize your ClimaCab with options such as inlaid doors, stained glass, plaques, engravings, etc. then we invite you to contact us and we will discuss these options in more detail with you.