ClimaCab Panel Options



Provided here is a more detailed view of the two panel options available for the ClimaCab.  These panels are identical across all sizes, Micro through Grand+ and custom sizes as well.  

The location where the panels are utilized is on the sides below the glass panels, on the doors accessing the lower section of the ClimaCab, and on the drawer fronts (if applicable).

As more examples become available, we will photograph and add to the photo collages.  As always, please don't hesitate to reach out if you have comments, questions, or concerns.  You can reach us by visiting the Contact page and emailing us directly from the website.

Style and Appearance

For all intents and purposes, the biggest differences that you’ll find between a mission (aka shaker) and a raised panel is in the appearance. A Raised Panel design is a more formal design, used predominantly in traditional style cabinetry. In a raised panel, the cabinet is made up of a center panel and an outer rim or overlay. The center panel is carved on the edges which yields a raised center.  The edges slope backward to the edges with a variety of profiles based on the cutter heads used. The entire effect is to make the cabinet door look as though it was carved out of a single, large plank, and it’s often subtly decorative in style.

A Mission Panel is a simpler, contemporary design used predominantly in modern style cabinetry. It also has a center panel and a flat frame overlay around the edge. The mission panel features straight lines and there is no decorative carving or raising in either the panel or the overlay. The center panel itself is completely flat, like a slab cabinet door, and the overlay around the edge is very sleek and simplistic looking.  It's definitely a "less is more" design that is timeless and fits well with many interior spaces.

On the whole, Mission Panels tend to be more contemporary or transitional in style, often used in modern designs, while Raised Panels are used in more traditional settings.


In general, the Raised Panel option will always incur an additional charge and that is dependent on the wood species of the ClimaCab.  If you have a specific edge detail, perhaps to match existing cabinetry in your home, the possibility exists for our builder to purchase certain cutters to provide the look you desire.  Additional charges are applicable and this option is subject to availability.