ClimaCab Connect

The ClimaCab Connect features a linking piece which can easily and securely combine two ClimaCabs making them appear as one cabinet. Any of our ClimaCabs are a candidate for this; however, we typically utilize this for collections that require more than our largest ClimaCab, the Grand+, can store or in situations where moving a large cabinet into a space is difficult. Because we are combining two ClimaCabs, they are both fully functioning humidors in their own right. This is advantageous because humidity control tends to be more accurate and manageable in smaller spaces.  

Because we combine different sizes of ClimaCabs, the instrument capacity is varied. We offer hanging, resting, and combination options for displaying the instruments. All options can display instruments sideways, at an angle, or facing straight forward with ease.

The ClimaCab is the only instrument display cabinet with a hermetically sealed interior. A series of neodymium magnets, combined with a neoprene gasket, seal off the interior creating a controlled environment where relative humidity is easily managed. Our exclusive Acoustic Remedy Humidity Control System maintains the ideal relative humidity range for your instruments year round, in any climate or region. To achieve this range, the system utilizes a Swiss made humidity and temperature sensor capable of pinpoint accuracy, a 1-gallon stainless steel reservoir, a smart controller with a variety of modes, alarms, and programmable fan speeds, and a powerful yet quiet fan. We offer the ability to both humidify and dehumidify all within an efficient, compact, and world-class system.

Handmade by a dedicated team of Amish craftsman in small, artisan grade batches, the ClimaCab is built with exceptional attention to detail and craftsmanship. World renowned construction techniques are passed down through generations and the handmade quality is apparent in every facet of the ClimaCab.

Each ClimaCab is constructed from either locally sourced domestic hardwoods or ethically harvested exotic species from around the world. In addition, certain wood species can be stained or painted with exceptional results, adding to the ability to customize and accentuate the natural beauty of the wood grain.

Standard Features


Varies" W x 72 1/8" H x 22" D



Instrument Capacity


*Top overhangs 7/8" per side, for a total of an additional 1 1/2" width at the top

Pricing for individual ClimaCabs can be found on individual product pages. The pricing for the Connect linking piece and the necessary hardware varies based on wood species, which are shown in the table below.

Staining - +$75

Solid Color - +$100

Additional shipping charges may be incurred, which will be communicated at the time of Climacab completion.

Wood Species Base Price

Northern White Ash




Aromatic Cedar




Grey Elm


Quartersawn White Oak


Black Walnut


300 Yr Old Reclaimed Old Globe Pine


Flame Maple


Quartersawn African Mahogany


Purchase Information

Adding the ClimaCab Connect is required at the time of purchasing a ClimaCab and retrofitting an existing ClimaCab is not recommended.

There are three primary methods to purchase a ClimaCab:

  • Built-to-Order: we sell build slots for small batch production runs
  • In-Stock Inventory: browse our limited supply of ready-to-ship ClimaCabs
  • Contact Us: we will walk you through the process

All ClimaCabs that are built-to-order are handmade in small batches of approximately 25 ClimaCabs. On average, we have around three to four builds per year. This allows for efficiency in completing steps for multiple cabinets simultaneously, while still giving individual attention to each ClimaCab and leaving no detail overlooked during the build.

The lead time for built-to-order ClimaCabs is approximately 7 - 9 months for standard sizes, features, and most options.  For Climacabs with more customized aspects, we estimate those to take approximately 3 - 4 months additional. This is due to high demand, batch building, a small team of skilled craftsman, and the handmade aspects of the ClimaCab. All projected timelines can be extended due to a variety of factors and we will communicate this information as the build progresses.

All in-stock ClimaCabs are subject to availability and we will update the inventory in a timely manner.

Buy A Build Slot

We sell build slots for upcoming or current batches, depending on the timing of your order. The build slot is a non-refundable $2,500 deposit, with 1/2 the remaining balance due at approximately the halfway point of construction and the final 1/2 of the remaining balance plus freight/crate charges due at completion. When purchasing a build slot, the wide array of options are available to fully customize the ClimaCab. In order to identify the features and options of the ClimaCab, we have created a ClimaCab Order Summary Form. This form will be completed by a member of Acoustic Remedy assisting with completion. You can contact us in various methods shown in the Contact Us section below.

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Contact Us

We like to get to learn more about your needs and find that most of the time our customers like to have at least one conversation regarding the various options, pricing, and to ask a few questions. We would be happy to speak to you regarding a ClimaCab and will provide exceptional customer service.

Method When How

Monday - Friday: 8 am - 8 pm

Call 608-844-8460 to contact the owners or the general manager

24/7/365 We typically reply within 24 hours

Monday - Saturday, No Sunday visits

Contact us via phone or email to set up time to visit the Amish shop.