ClimaCab Delivery Inspection

Upon receipt of the ClimaCab, it is imperitive to properly inspect the exterior and interior contents PRIOR TO signing the delivery paperwork. This page is designed to describe in detail how to properly inspect, what to do if damages are found, and then the subsequent steps that Acoustic Remedy will take following discovery of damages. We only contract professional freight companies to deliver the ClimaCab and we take their reputation for safe handling and delivery very seriously. With that being said, accidents and issues beyond our control can happen.

Our promise is that we will be here to assist and provide solutions. We will not let you shoulder the burden and will do everything possible to make it right.

The Inspection Process

The Basics

  • Upon arrival of the crate, you will find paperwork (inside of plastic sleeves) attached to the crate. Most of these are related to the shipping, such as Bill-of-Ladings and shipping labels. They can be ignored; however, one documen needs your attention - the "Attention Receiving Customer" document contains a QR code on the bottom and basic verbal instructions. Please pay close attention to the instructions and follow the link using a smart phone or tablet by opening the camera, pointing it at the QR code, and tapping the link. An example of the "Attention Receiving Customer" document is shown below.

  • We attach two indicators to the outside of the cabinet that will assist with determining if the shipment incurred rough handling (ShockWatch Indicator) or extreme tipping (Tip N Tell Indicator). Examples of each are shown below.

  • By contract, the driver must remain onsite to allow you time to inspect properly. They cannot leave without you signing the paperwork, so instruct them that you will be performing the inspection and do not allow them to pressure you into signing beforehand. Take all the time you need to properly inspect, remain patient, and do a thorough job.

  • Uncrating is required for the inspection and requires removal of the front, back, side, and top panels.

  • A charged cordless drill with a #2 square or phillips bit (the screws accept both) is recommended; however the screws can be removed using a hand screwdriver in a pinch. In addition to the drill or screwdriver, a pair of scissors or other cutting device, a flashlight, and this webpage open is required to properly document the inspection.

  • Using the ClimaCab Inspection Form at the bottom of this page, please check appropriate components and enter the information into each section of the inspection form.


  • If the Tip N Tell has any of the small blue beads in the triangle arrow portion, please photograph to document. If the Shockwatch has a small red indicator in the window, please photograph to document. Either of these conditions does not indicate damage, but may be useful when filing a claim in the event there is damage .  

  • Using the cordless drill, remove the panel labeled "Front" first. Next, remove the back panel (opposite of the front). Finally remove the side and top panels of the crate. This will leave the ClimaCab sitting on the base of the crate.

  • Once the panels are removed, set them aside and remove all packaging foam. Carefully remove the stretch wrap around the entire ClimaCab taking care to not scratch any surfaces of the ClimaCab while cutting.

  • To properly document the inspection, please use the ClimaCab Inspection Form form below. Upon submittal, this inspection form will be emailed to us for a record of findings.


If Damages Are Found

First Steps

  • Complete and submit the ClimaCab Inspection Form

  • Document damage by taking pictures and/or videos. We will work with you to obtain this evidence, if needed.

  • Immediately call either Acoustic Remedy at 608-844-8460. If we do not answer, we will call back ASAP. NOTE: You can also text this phone number.

  • Depending on the extent of the damage, we will instruct you on the next steps.


  • If the glass is cracked but not broken and hasn't fallen into the ClimaCab, we will likely instruct you to keep the cabinet and assist with finding a local glass repair shop. Inform the driver you will accept the shipment, but that you need to note the damage on the delivery paperwork. If the driver does not assist you with this, ask for the terminal phone number and request to speak with a manager.

  • If the glass is cracked and has fallen into the ClimaCab this will likely cause gouges/scratches to the interior wood and require repair at our shop. Inform the driver you are rejecting the shipment and note the rejection reason on the paperwork. Only if possible and safe to do so, remove the broken glass from the inside and re-assemble the crate. This will minimize the damage extensively, but caution must be used when doing so. The driver will move the crate into the truck and the shipping company will follow protocol to return the damaged item to us free of charge so that we can repair/replace.  

  • If wood surfaces are cracked, this will require repair at our shop. Inform the driver you are rejecting the shipment and note the rejection reason on the paperwork. Re-assemble the crate and the driver will move the crate into the truck and the shipping company will follow protocol to return the damaged item to us free of charge so that we can repair/replace.  

  • Contact us if there are any damages that you're unsure about, . Depending on the extent of the damage, we may inform you to reject or accept the shipment

The Claim, Repair, and Replace Process


  • In the event a claim must be filed, the ClimaCab Inspection Form, delivery paperwork noting damages, and detailed photographs are required. This evidence will assist greatly in filing necessary insurance claims. Acoustic Remedy is the responsible party to file the appropriate claims since we booked and paid for the shipment. We may require some assistance gathering necessary evidence and will be in frequent contact during the entire process.

  • In the event you have questions or need assistance, we are available Monday - Friday, 8 am - 8 pm CST by calling 608-844-8460 or emailing

Repairs or Replacement

  • In some events, such as the glass cracking but not breaking or very small cracks in the wood, we may recommend a local glass shop or carpenter to fix at your location. If local teams are required, we will refund or pay for the repair costs.

  • In the event repairs are necessary, we will work with the LTL carrier to have the ClimaCab shipped back to our shop. Upon receipt, we will attempt repairs and communicate with you about the next steps.  

  • Upon completion of repairs in our shop, we will re-crate the ClimaCab and ship back at our expense. In worst case scenarios when damages are too extensive to repair, we will build another ClimaCab at our expense and retain the damaged ClimaCab.

  • Each situation is unique and nobody wants to go through this. You can count on frequent communication and for us to step up with assistance during this unfortunate time.

Examples of Indicators

Paperwork With QR Code

ClimaCab Inspection Form

Please fill out the form and click the submit button when finished.

Thank you!

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