Multi-Instrument Humidors

Welcome to the ClimaCab collection from Acoustic Remedy. Our multi-instrument humidors are the pinnacle of protection and display, preserving some of the world's best instruments and showcasing them beautifully to make them the centerpiece of any room. Each ClimaCab is made to order in the USA in small batches in an Amish workshop nestled in the sandstone bluffs above the Mississippi River in western Wisconsin. The world renowned Amish handmade quality is found in every component of the ClimaCab and no detail is overlooked.  

Acoustic Remedy utilizes patented technology and reliable humidity control to provide an environment where instruments thrive - between 45-55% relative humidity. Our active humidification and de-humidification systems are industry leading, accurate, and simple to use. We complete the package with flawless staining and finish, high quality glass, and exceptional 3rd party accessories to make the ClimaCab the most effective and simple to use humidor available.

Available with innovative hanging, resting, and combination display and storage options to maximize the versatility of how you interact with your instruments. We offer a variety of domestic and exotic hardwood species, six core sizes, modular units, and customized built-ins, and the ability to fully customize your ClimaCab with various options.

Product Highlights

ClimaCab Sizes


24" Wide | 3 - 4 Instruments


36" Wide | 4 - 6 Instruments


42" Wide | 5 - 7 Instruments


48" Wide | 6 - 8 Instruments


56" Wide | 7 - 9 Instruments


63" Wide | 8 - 10 Instruments


72" wide | 9 - 11 instruments


Various Width | Various Quantities of Instruments


Custom Width | Various Quantities of Instruments

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  • Fully customize your ClimaCab step-by-step

  • Customize by width, wood species, instrument display, lower section size and storage options, stain and/or paint, and other upgrades/options

  • Secure a build slot in our an upcoming batch with a $2,500 down payment. We will work one-on-one with each customer to identify all aspects of their ClimaCab

  • Take delivery in approximately six to nine months


Sold out
  • Limited availibility

  • ClimaCabs are new unless indicated otherwise and priced according to several factors

  • Certain components may be slightly different than current offerings, which do not impede them from functioning as a world class humidor  

  • Take delivery in approximately one month. Shipping/handling fees additional



Know when your ClimaCab will arrive with online tracking and appointment based delivery

Service Levels

4 levels of service give you a wide array of options to determine what happens once the ClimaCab arrives

Fully Insured

We don't want anything to happen in transit, but if it does the ClimaCab is covered with UPS Capital Insurance.


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Customer Testimonials

"The ClimaCab is a game changer. When you're protecting and displaying instruments that are irreplaceable, the cost is well justified. Thank you for keeping my babies safe and looking good."

Carter T.  - Dallas, Texas

"We've been loving our newest addition to the home and it's a total conversation starter anytime anyone walks in. We enjoy sitting around for family music night and taking the various instruments out to play. They always sound good with the humidity levels correct."

Peter R.  - Kalispell, Montana

"Thank you Acoustic Remedy for everything. A+ on every aspect from start to finish."

Brian K.  -  Miami, Florida