Safe Instrument Storage

All ClimaCabs feature industry leading safe instrument storage. All hangers utilized within our ClimaCabs are manufactured by String Swing. The Neck/Bout Rest display and storage option utilizes hardwood components lined with cork to provide exceptional support with finish safety in mind.  

Is Hanging Stringed Instruments Safe?

We often get this question and the simple answer is, yes. For starters, nearly every guitar shop in the country hangs stringed instruments of all types and nearly every one of those stores uses String Swing brand hangers. Tension from the strings over the nut is created when the string is inserted in/around the tuning peg and tuned to pitch. Depending on the gauge of the string and length, typcial six stringed guitars in standard tuning create approximately 200 pounds of pressure over the nut. This amount of pressure pales in comparison to the opposite force created by hanging the instrument, which is basically proportional to the weight of the instrument. Heavier guitars, such as a Gibson Les Paul, could weigh as much as 9-10 pounds while most acoustics are around 4-5 pounds.  

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Display Option Safety Features

String Swing Hangers

String Swing offers secure hangers for all sorts of instruments: guitars, ukes, violins, mandolins, and even banjos. The beautiful thing is that each hanger does its job exceptionally well, in fact depending on the hanger you get the yoke and hanger depth will be of different size to accommodate whichever instrument it’s for.

For the Top Rail hangers, we use the display case hangers which feature a long curved neck capable of storing instruments with longer headstocks, a thumb screw behind the yoke to pivot the hanger and lock into any position, and a deeper yoke cradle that assists with uneven heels or protrusions on the headstock found on guitars such as Fenders, Ibanez, and Jacksons. Lastly, we can include their keeper rings which slide over the end of the yoke and provide additional protection for a guitar slipping out of the hanger.

The rubber coating on the String Swing hangers is compatible with guitar finish and will not mar the surface of the neck. Multiple studies have been completed regarding all finish types and String Swing stands behind their product in terms of safety for the instrument finish. Please click the image to the right to read String Swing's statement on nitrocellulose statement.

Hardwood Blocks and Top Rail

The top rail consists of two pieces of hardwood installed width wise across the ceiling of the ClimaCab. The interior edge is angled opposite of the hardwood blocks, allowing for sliding them along the rail to any position desired. Gravity and opposing angles keep them secured in the rail. A removable section of the rail is bolted to the ceiling at the right front to provide a location for adding or removing the blocks from the rail. This section is securely fastened and removed from the ceiling with an allen wrench and carriage bolt.

The hardwood blocks provide the strong foundation for the String Swing hangers and ultimately, the instruments. They are precisely cut to size and at the appropriate angle to provide a perfect companion to the top rail. All hangers are securely fastened to the blocks with matte black screws.

Slat Wall

Our slat wall is custom fabricated in our shop, which gives the ultimate control over every facet of this important technique for instrument storage safety.  We start with hardwood that is precision cut, planed, and sanded to 5/8" thick. On the underside of each slat, the edge profile is cut along the length. This profile is the proper width and thickness to accept the tongue on the upperside of the String Swing slat wall hanger.

Because the profile is cut along the entire length, this allows for use of the String Swing slat wall hangers anywhere along the back wall. The most commonly used spots for the String Swing hangers are found within the upper third of the back; however, if longer instruments such as bass guitars are going to be stored, moving up or down is quick and simple. In addition, smaller instruments such as mandolins, violins, ukuleles, and smaller parlor guitars can easily be stored at various locations and with different configurations within the ClimaCab.

Neck Rail and Rests

The Neck & Bout Rest display option utilizes a combination of hardwood pieces lined in cork to properly secure instruments. The neck rests are made from hardwood and feature rounded over edges, hand sanded to a smooth surface, finished with a triple coat of our catalyzed lacquer. Cork lining around the entire keyhole opening guarantees the finish on the instrument neck is safe.

All neck rests are secured and movable along the rail. This is accomplished by a combination of a neodymium magnets on the backside of the rest and a routed out section of the rail. Inside the U-shaped routed section, we install a black powder coated metal bar. The magnets on the backside of the rest magnetically link to the metal bar anywhere along the entire width of the ClimaCab. The route prevents the neck rest from tipping out of the rail and allows for sliding the neck rest left/right with ease.

As a final act of security, we provide security bars which magnetically attract to two neodymium magnets at the outer points of the rest. The interior of the bar is cork lined to prevent metal from contacting the fretboard of the instrument.

Bout Rails, Tracks, and Cross Supports

We begin the construction of the hardwood bout rails with a 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" square piece of hardwood. Next the rails have a 15 degree angle cut along the interior face, which allows for sufficient contact with the lower bout of the instrument. Because of the height of the bout rail, there is proper clearance to keep strap pins from rubbing on floor of the ClimaCab and the cork lined surfaces provide superior protection for the finish of the instrument.

As the bout rails are moved in/out along tracks permanently mounted to the floor of the ClimaCab, one neodymium magnet on each end of the underside of the rail secures the bout rail in place at the desired location along the tracks. This adjustability means the bout rails can accommodate different sized instrument bouts from small to jumbo. With 10 pounds of vertical pull force per magnet, there is sufficient strength to keep the bout rails properly seated but not too much such that moving them is difficult.

With each Neck & Bout Rest display option, we provide cross support bars. These are used as a pair to front face an instrument in the cabinet. This additional display option utilizes another innovative magnet/metal bar feature to provide secure instrument storage. Underneath the cork of the hardwood bout rails a metal bar is routed into the surface of the wood along the entire length. Upon covering with the cork, it is completely hidden from sight; however, the strength is appropriate to attract the magnets on the underside of the cross support bar. Installing, removing, or moving the cross support bars anywhere within the ClimaCab takes a matter of seconds.

Customer Testimonials

"Safe instrument storage, in-sight, in-mind....sign me up."

Stu C. - Boise, Idaho

"I've always used the String Swing hangers in my home studio, and now in my ClimaCases. They are the industry standard and I never worry for one second with my guitars hung in them."

Wendy A. - Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Loving the Neck & Bout Rest components, especially the concept of the cross bars magnetizing to the bout rails. Genious idea, seriously!"

Jeff W. - Raleigh, North Carolina