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ClimaCase | Wall Model


The ClimaCase is a climate controlled, wall model designed to be the world's simplest and most stylish method to preserve and display a variety of stringed instruments. The ClimaCase is a key tool in your instrument care regimen and will quickly become the centerpiece of any room.

Serious collectors, hobbyists, and musicians know that proper care is required to keep your instrument in optimal playing condition and preserve its value. As an added benefit, having the instrument nearby and easily accessible means more time playing and less time worrying about exposures to damaging humidity/temperature fluctuations.

We offer two distinct styles of the ClimaCase, rectangle or triangle shaped, and a variety of sizes for different instruments. In addition to these options, our approach is that if the lumber is available and harvested sustainably then we will use it. We encourage you to explore our expansive wood catalog, which further expands your options for different color schemes, textures, and patterns that are sure to complement a variety of interiors.

Handmade in Small Batches by Amish Craftsmen

All Acoustic Remedy products are handmade in small batches in one Amish shop nestled high on the bluffs above the Mississippi River in western Wisconsin. Their woodworking skills are world renowned and passed down through generations of cabinet makers to ensure unsurpassed quality. Our builder learned from his father who learned from his father and soon it will be passed on once again to the next generation.

Things are done the old fashioned way, which may take a bit longer, but is critical to the highest of standards we set for ourselves and what our customers have come to expect. You will never find an Acoustic Remedy branded product that has come off an assembly line or is cut using computers.

By incorporating extremely strong joinery and dado insets, your ClimaCase will be built with durability and longevity in mind. Each is hand sanded prior to finishing with a catalyzed lacquer, which provides lasting protection for wood surfaces and accentuates the beauty of the wood grain.

Your ClimaCase will provide a lifetime of use and then some, capable of being passed down through generations along with the properly cared for instrument housed within.

Patented Humidity/Temperature Control

    Patent Info

    Patent # 8,955,673 with the USPTO was filed for on July 26, 2011 and issued on February 17, 2015.  You can click here to learn more.  Please be aware this patent was issued for our ClimaStand floor model, which has changed aesthetically quite substantially since the patent drawings.  However, the basic components remain the same.

    The essence of the patent revolves around sealing the interior of a guitar display cabinet by utilizing a gasket/latch system, which is described in more detail below.  If you're in the market for an instrument display case that properly controls the humidity and temperature, why would you ever choose something that wasn't airtight? 

    Guaranteed Seal System™

    All climate controlled products from Acoustic Remedy incorporate our patented Guaranteed Seal System™. This system consists of two key components to create a micro-climate for your instrument:

    1. A highly durable, neoprene gasket runs the entire perimeter of the interior and is mounted to a matching strip of wood leaving it proud of the top, sides, and bottom by about 1/2".

    2. Spring loaded latches pull the door tight to the gasket and compress it creating an airtight environment.

    Humidification Process

    With the Guaranteed Seal System™ creating the micro-climate, the humidity control becomes greatly simplified. We utilize the Boveda family of products that are capable of maintaining approximate relative humidity levels of 45-50%, which is the recommended level for nearly every stringed instrument.

    Your ClimaCase comes with a starter kit of four Boveda 49% packets and two cedar or aluminum Boveda two packet holders.  We recommend you place two packets into each of the packet holders and place them into the lower corners of the ClimaCase. Each of the packet holders comes with velcro and magnetic mounting squares which allow you to place them anywhere you desire.  Special care should be taken when doing this to minimize damage to your instrument. 

    There is virtually no day-to-day maintenance required with the Boveda packets because they are considered a passive humidity control system. We recommend that the packets are checked approximately once per week to determine if they have expelled all their available moisture. If they are stiff they need to be replaced and it's as simple as discarding the old packets and placing new inside the packet holders. More information regarding the Boveda packets can be found here.

    Monitoring Interior Climate

    We include the world's premier digital hygrometer, the Caliber IV by Western Humidor. This advanced humidity sensor maintains accuracy to +/- 1% and additionally provides temperature levels, 3-day averages of both humidity and temperature, and can be calibrated frequently. The hygrometer is pre-calibrated prior to installation and can be re-calibrated if needed by purchasing a calibration kit.

    The Caliber IV is securely mounted on a pre-installed magnet so it's viewable by looking through the glass to the bottom of the ClimaCase. This allows you to determine interior humidity and temperature levels within a matter of seconds.

    In addition to the included digital hygrometer, Acoustic Remedy offers a variety of bluetooth monitoring devices. The Boveda Butler and D'Addario Humiditrak will push notifications to your mobile devices when the humidity and/or temperature is below desired set points set by the user. These products are available to view and purchase here.


    Certain room layouts lend themselves nicely to wall models and others to floor models, while others can benefit from a mixture of the two. Our triangle shaped ClimaCase can easily be converted into a ClimaStand, Acoustic Remedy's popular floor model. Because of aesthetics, we typically don't recommend mounting a base to a rectangle ClimaCase; however, this option is available if desired.

    The process involves removing the ClimaCase from the wall and installing a base unit. Base units are available for purchase by clicking here and come with instructions, self-tapping screws, and matching wood plugs.

    Construction Specifications

    Security/Protection Upgrades


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