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Single Instrument Guitar Humidor


The ClimaCase is a climate controlled, guitar humidor designed to be the world's simplest and most stylish method to preserve and display a variety of stringed instruments.  With a hands free, automatic climate control system and unrivaled handmade quality only found in Amish shops, the ClimaCase will quickly become a key tool in your instrument care regimen and the centerpiece of any room.

Learning about the ClimaCase is easy!

We've assembled all of the information you could ever need on our ClimaCase information and specifications page.  Click here to check it out.

Shopping for a ClimaCase is a breeze!

Our brand new ClimaCase Builder will take you step by step through the case building process.  You’ll be able to see what is in stock, select your configuration, and finish up your case with a selection of upgrades.

Step 1, Select Body Style: Select from Traditional (trapezoid), Glass Sided Traditional, Rectangle, or Glass Sided Rectangle. Click the applicable button below to launch the Case Builder.

Step 2, Select Wood Type:  Once you launch the Case Builder, you will see a vast selection of wood types and wood/stain combinations.  You’ll also be able to tell what wood types are currently in stock.  If what you want isn’t in stock, don’t worry, we’ll build it in our next batch!

Step 3, Select Configuration:  Here you’ll decide if you want a wall model (ClimaCase) or a floor model (ClimaStand).  Simply select a matching base from the menu to create a floor model, or select “wall model no base” to configure your case for wall mounting.

Step 4, Select Upgrades:  You’ll be able to select glass upgrades, add keyed locks, and upgrade lighting.

Step 5: Review your order and check out!

Click a Button to Launch the Case Builder

Traditional Single Guitar HumidorRectangle Guitar Humidor
Glass Sided Traditional Guitar Humidor
Glass Sided Rectangle Guitar Humidor