Group D and E ClimaCab Update

Welcome to the Group D and Group E, 1st Half update page.

On this page you'll find a link to a pdf document which includes important information and some photo collages. In addition, we will be updating timelines as the next steps take place and will be in touch with you as the shipment date of your ClimaCab nears.  Please bookmark this page and revisit as needed.

Download Group D and E pdf

Original Estimated Timelines

4/23/23 Update

6/8/23 Update

Great news!  The first group is back from Southside Finishing and being finished out with component piece installation, glass, the humidity control system, lighting, and more.  This will be occurring over the next 7-10 days, along with building the plywood crate for shipping.  We will be reaching out to each of you individually with options for level of service (United States) and for international customs and specific shipping information where applicable.

Many of you have already received the final invoice for the ClimaCab and we will issue one additional invoice for the shipping/handling plus any applicable upgrades added during the build process. 

We thank you once again for your patience during this build process.  Our team of builders are working hard to produce a handmade quality product, and that process is best not rushed.

The second group of fifteen ClimaCabs will be at the finisher on 6/12.  All piano black cabinets will be finished first and then anything requiring stain second.  The piano black application is a bit more difficult and all cabinets (regardless of order date) must be done at the same time because the flush process of the lines is not simple. 

We will have an additional update of expected completion date at the finisher as soon as possible.

We hope you enjoy the new photo collage!  Reach out with any questions you may have, we'll be happy to help!