Group F ClimaCab Build Page

Welcome to the Group F ClimaCab Page

On this page you'll find a link to a pdf document which includes important information and some photo collages. In addition, we will be updating this page when milestones are reached.  Ultimately will be post and be in touch with you as the shipment date of your ClimaCab nears.  Please bookmark this page and revisit as needed.  As always, don't hesitate to reach out to us at or 608-844-8460.

UPDATE ON 8/14/23

All the lumber is being procured and the first steps of cutting "blanks" has begun for the wood species where adequate lumber inventory was available.  Common wood species such as Northern White Ash, Cherry, and Flame Maple inventory levels remain consistent as we are steadily ordering more to keep the coffers stuffed.  

The beginning stages are a lot of boards stacked on carts and moved around to various stations.  They are all labeled for each order, with specific numbers written on the end to track throughout the entire build process.  

All details are documented on what we call a Build Sheet.  These are generated by either Adam or Ryan and printed to bring to the shop where they are slid into a binder for the build team to use.  We pay extremely close attention to all details and ensure that if edits are made, the build sheet at the shop is replaced with the newest version.  Our intent is to never need to reprint versions; however, some things change ever so slightly and we account for that.


It all starts with the rough cuts made on a chop saw and then moves to flat planing, joining, rip sawing and trimming to length. Then it moves into joinery cuts and then finally we get into the assembly stage. I will be capturing images of each and posting collages on the webpage. This will give you some insight into the build process. I've attached your build sheet for your records. This same sheet resides in the binder at the shop. Your cabinet is #2 in the batch, which ultimately means that it will be in the first group of 10 cabs over to the finisher for stain (if applicable) and lacquer, which in turn means yours will be the 2nd shipped when that time comes.

Original Estimated Timelines