Acoustic Remedy uses some of the world's best woods, all of which are carefully sourced and sustainably harvested. By working only with reputable suppliers, our goal is to protect our ecosystems for generations to come. In addition, we participate in forest restoration projects around the world to protect one of our Earth's most valuable resources.

All woods vary in appearance, hardness and durability, and provenance. The United States produces some gorgeous woods, which have been traditionally used in cabinetry for hundreds of years. Species such as Cherry, Walnut, Oak, and Ash find their way into our products on a daily basis. For those looking for a bit more flare, we also source exotic wood species from locations such as the Big Island of Hawaii and various regions of Africa.

Domestic and Exotic Hardwoods

These species represent some of the best domestic and exotic hardwoods available. They also are species that we tend to always have some quantity on hand or we can source relatively easily. They all have unique visual appeal that can complement the instruments as well as the room they reside in. In addition, certain wood species can be stained or painted with exceptional results, adding to the ability to customize and accentuate the natural beauty of the wood grain.


Combining Two or More Wood Species

For years, we have creatively combined woods with striking effects. This can be accomplished by gluing the boards together along the length, inlaying into precise routes and/or slots in the board, by inserting component pieces in strategic locations, and by edge banding. We often combine wood species together in one product. The results are often dramatic and the combinations yield exceptional contrasting and complementary effects.

Matching Interior Spaces

If you want to match interiors, we ask you to send us a sample or photography to start the process. We will recommend samples that can be held up against your existing furniture, trim, or even next to artwork within the room.  

Matching Guitar Woods

Do you have a Ziricote back and sides with a Sitka Spruce top? We can match that. Custom built guitar? We can build a matching case if the lumber is available in the right dimensions. Contact us to discuss the woods which will find their way into your humidor.


Woodwright brand stains, lacquers, and varnishes are renowned for their quality and durability. Their entire line of finishing products has been time tested and has high build, beautiful luster, heat and humidity resistance and protection from harmful elements that can mar the appearance of your furniture over time. Some examples are shown below, and we have over 50 more stains and three to four recommended wood species to choose from.  


Order as many 6" x 10" samples as you'd like for $10 each. If you elect to keep them, great! If you ship them back, we will refund the cost. All samples are cut from the same wood and are finished with the same stains & catalyzed lacquer used to create your Acoustic Remedy product. 

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When Ryan Sauter and Adam Jacobson founded Acoustic Remedy in 2008, the idea of sustainability was just starting to gain traction in the guitar industry. In the beginning, sourcing wood simply meant driving to the local lumber yard. With backgrounds in environmental science, both Ryan and Adam have had a keen sense of how to operate with sustainability in mind.

Over the years, Acoustic Remedy has grown from our humble beginnings in Ryan's garage to a full fledged operation producing hundreds of humidors and other accessory products annually. The world’s population continues to grow and our forests have been lost or severely degraded. With far too much plastic filling our oceans and our air suffering from the impacts of humans, we have committed to several sustainability initiatives to reduce our footprint.


Customer Testimonials

"Acoustic Remedy found Sitka Spruce from St. George Island in Alaska and Cocobolo from Nicaragua to build a ClimaStand that matched my Martin!"

Jack H. - Indianopolis, IN

"The woods are gorgeous. I had a hard time pikcing, but I went with Walnut and it's simply some of the best Walnut I've ever seen"

Patrick M. - Toronto, Canada

"The wood surface preparation makes for an exceptionally nice feeling wood. It's robust at 3/4" thick making for a sturdy foundation for my guitars."

Leonard P. - Madison WI