Lower Section Storage Solutions

Our ClimaCabs are built in two sections - the upper section and the lower section. The lower section provides stability and strength as well as storage of key components of the humidity control system and for a variety of music related items. It comes standard at 17" tall and when adding storage solutions, the height is often increased to accommodate. We offer several ways to customize the lower section which can result in a different appearance, function, and size. All drawers and pull outs feature Blum brand soft close slides, which close slowly and softly regardless of how hard they are closed or how heavy the drawer/pull out is.

Dovetailed Drawers

Dovetailed drawers increase the functionality and appearance of the lower section of the ClimaCab. The dovetailed drawers provide storage solutions for smaller items such as straps, extra strings, capos, tuners, microphones, cables, and more. Featuring half-blind dovetails and the option for a flat or paneled front to match the panels on the remainder of the lower section. The standard drawers are 3 1/2" depth; however, they can be customized to any depth necessary or required.


The standard drawers feature a 3 1/2" open drawer box. $375 per drawer.

With Dividers

Configurable dividers create cubbies within the drawer. $150 additional per drawer.

Pull Out Trays

Trays feature a hardwood perimeter that can vary in height, with the standard height being 3 ½”. The taller the perimeter, the more depth inside of the tray. Commonly the trays are stacked to fill the available opening and maximize the amount of storage space in the lower section. The trays can be made to match the primary or accent woods of the ClimaCab. The trays vary in width based on the width of the ClimaCab, and the depth can range from 12 inch, 15 inch, or 18 inch.


At 3 1/2" depth, the standard size yields adequate storage. $375 per pull out tray.

Our standard pull out trays are priced at $375 each regardless of ClimaCab width.

Increased Depth

Customize the depth for additional storage capacity. $150 additional per pull out tray.

Our standard pull out trays are priced at $375 each regardless of ClimaCab width.

Pull Out Shelves

Pull out shelves feature a flat deck that is recessed by 1/8 inch from the perimeter hardwood edge to prevent items from slipping off of the shelf. Undermount soft close slides return the shelf to the resting position slowly regardless of how hard you push on it or how heavy the items are being stored. The deck size varies in width based on the width of the ClimaCab, and the depth can vary from 12 inch, 15 inch, or 18 inch. When shelves are utilized, it is necessary to duct the humidifier from the floor of the lower section to the upper section. This is accomplished by placing the humidifier reservoir on the floor in the back of the lower section and connecting high quality HVAC components.

General Use

Store a variety of music accessories or spare components. $325 per pull out shelf.


Pull your amp out to play and push in to store. $375 per pull out shelf.

In most situations, the standard 17" high lower section must be expanded to accommodate the height of the amplifier on the pull out shelf. The shelf plus the hardware consumes 2 1/2" at the floor of the lower section and the face framing consumes another 4". A safe rule of thumb when estimating height required is to measure the amplifier resting on the ground to the top of the handle in its highest position and add 8". This will give a clearance of approximately 1 1/2" from the top of the handle to the upper face frame and account for any inaccuracies when measuring.

The table below will assist in determining height requirements to store your amplifier in the lower section of the ClimaCab.

Amp Height Lower Section Height Required Total Height of ClimaCab



75 1/8"

14 1/2"

22 1/2"

77 5/8"



80 1/8"



83 1/8"



88 1/8"


Shelving is constructed from robust 3/4 inch plywood with a hardwood edge. The shelves are supported in two primary methods depending on whether the shelving is fixed or adjustable, and both methods yield strong support and shelving capable of holding heavy items. The ability to combine one or more lower section storage solutions is available, as shown in the image below. A common combination is to include shelving at the top, running from the edge of the humidifier hardwood box to the edge of the cabinet, and to install a pull-out tray or shelf below.  


Fixed in set location, resting on a 3/4" strip of hardwood. $150 per shelf


Moveable up/down in the lower section using metal shelf stays. $200 per shelf.

Customer Testimonials

"Acoustic Remedy found Sitka Spruce from St. George Island in Alaska and Cocobolo from Nicaragua to build a ClimaStand that matched my Martin!"

Jack H. - Indianopolis, IN

"The woods are gorgeous. I had a hard time pikcing, but I went with Walnut and it's simply some of the best Walnut I've ever seen"

Patrick M. - Toronto, Canada

"The wood surface preparation makes for an exceptionally nice feeling wood. It's robust at 3/4" thick making for a sturdy foundation for my guitars."

Leonard P. - Madison WI