Preparing for ClimaCab Shipment

Great news, your cabinet is ready to ship! What to expect? How to prepare? Fret not, we have answers, recommendations, requirements, tips, and tricks to make the shipping process as smooth as possible. We go to great lengths to ensure we are doing everything possible for a safe arrival of your ClimaCab.

How We Ship ClimaCabs and Components

All ClimaCabs ship in a robust 3/4" plywood crate with foam on the interior. These crates are made with precision, with the internal dimensions being within 1/4" larger than the ClimaCab itself, and feature a 36" wide base to prevent tipping and 4" x 4" feet that create fork pockets for material handling equipment.  Because the crate resting on the base is less width, we attach T-shaped pieces to the side of the crate that bridge the gap between the crate and the side of the truck. This prevents inadvertent tipping as the ClimaCab is strapped to the side wall of the truck.

Prior to leaving our shop, we adhere two indicators of rough handling procedures or extensive tipping/falling. These visual indicators can be inspected upon receipt of the ClimaCab and used as evidence to file a claim in the rare event that damage has occured. 

Typically the ClimaCab ships completely assembled in one crate; however, in certain situations we may be required to split the ClimaCab into two parts - the upper section and the lower section. Most of the time, the splitting in ClimaCabs is a result of expanding the lower section. Whenever the lower section is taller, this makes the overall ClimaCab height increased and shipping in one crate may be too tall for the final delivery truck. In other occasions our customers may request this based the location constrainsts, such as tight turns in hallways, steep or narrow stairways, or to reduce the weight of each section.

All ClimaCabs are wrapped from top to bottom in high quality stretch wrap to protect the lacquer finish from any surface scratches. The various components are wrapped and packaged in boxes, which are typically stored in the lower section of the ClimaCab for shipping.

Freight Levels of Service

Curbside: Lower to ground and leave at the curb. Not recommended under most circumstances unless proper material handling equipment is available at delivery location.

Threshold: Delivered to the first covered area, such as porch or garage.  A popular option for those who would like to plan getting the ClimaCab into the space with the help of some friends or a moving company.

Room of Choice: Delivered into the building and to the room of choice, up to 2 staircases. A common choice for those who want to get the crated ClimaCab into the building in the final room it will reside in.

White Glove w/ Packaging Removal: Includes same as room of choice plus packaging removal. Our most popular option that allows for a turnkey and stress free delivery. The shipping company will send the appropriate team with tools to remove the ClimaCab and set into the room of choice. Following that portion, they will remove all portions of the crate, foam, and stretch wrap.

Once the level of service is selected and the ClimaCab is ready to ship, we will input pertinent details and provide a shipping quote as well as approximate timelines. Additionally, we can provide estimates in the initial stages of purchasing a ClimaCab; however, pricing is subject to change and this information should be used as an estimate only.  


Planting a Better Tomorrow

Our freight provider is also an active partner with One Tree Planted. Every shipment we book has 100% of the CO2 emissions offset by the planting of trees. This amounts to many trees per freight shipment and the effects really add up. Their initiative supports reforestation across the United States, promoting clean air, clean water, and the prosperity of biodiversity.

Since 2021, our freight provider has planted over 42,000 trees and counting.

Pick-Up and Delivery Timelines

All shipping companies operate slightly differently, but generally they pick up between 1 to 4 days of the ready-by date.

The ClimaCab moves via semi-truck from hub to hub and until it reaches the final terminal nearest to you. Once it reaches there, a representative scheduling the deliveries from that terminal will reach out to schedule a date and time. Typically the options are presented in blocks of time - for example, Noon to 4 pm.

It is your responsibility to schedule this as soon as possible. Most terminals allow for a few days where they will store the ClimaCab with no storage fees, but there are no guarantees and we cannot influence their policies and procedures. Expedited receipt of the ClimaCab is also important because there are more opportunities for issues to arise the longer fragile freight is in the freight system, Once the delivery has been scheduled, the ClimaCab will loaded into a box truck with the proper equipment and team depending on the level of service selected.

Delivery times vary greatly based on location, freight carrier, level of service, weather, driver time restrictions, and more. Online tracking is provided for every ClimaCab shipment, so close monitoring of progress is recommended.


Inspection Requirements

We require proper inspection of the ClimaCab for damages prior to signing any delivery paperwork. 99+% of the time there are no damages; however, if there are and the paperwork is signed prior to discovering and noting, the options for filing claims become greatly limited.

All levels of service below White Glove, which includes the uncrating of the ClimaCab by the delivery team, will require the recipient to remove the front, back, side, and top panels to perform a proper inspection of the exterior wood and glass surfaces.

For a full set of instructions, please click the button below.

Customer Testimonials

"Acoustic Remedy is the FIRST place I head to whenever I buy a new guitar. Their humidors do a fantastic job of keeping them healthy."

John G  - Mount Vernon, New York

"The Cabinet is beautiful! The finish is pristine! Smooth like butter we are beyond Happy with it. Thank you!

Mary Jane P.  - Ottawa, Canada

Great construction! Made well!
Highly recommend if you like to play and (or) if you’re a collector alike

Andrew M.  -  Tuscon, Arizona