Sustainability at Our Core


Here at Acoustic Remedy Cases we believe that sustainability goes beyond some of obvious efforts that a lot of companies make. Below you will find some of the highlights of our sustainability effort.  We encourage you to support businesses which engage in these types of activities to reduce our footprint and help preserve the beautiful world we live in.


We have a special relationship with Mother Earth since the vast majority of the raw materials used in our products are a variety of beautiful species of trees.  We have gone to great lengths to ensure the wood used in our handmade cases is sustainably harvested. 

Our Amish builder receives a majority of the lumber used in our products from one or two sources located in Wisconsin.  These suppliers are providing lumber from sources that abide by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) goals.  FSC claims that forests managed to its standards offer benefits to both local and wider communities and these are said to include cleaner air and water, and a contribution to mitigating the effects of climate change.  By using the FSC logo, we are signifying that the products come from responsible sources—environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable. 

For lumber our Amish builder doesn't source, such as highly coveted exotic species, we deal with a handful of highly reputable lumber suppliers who work with local communities in Africa, Central America, and South America to ensure no illegal harvesting or clear cutting was involved in the wood they purchase.

Additionally, we aim to find reclaimed wood when possible.  Often times the Amish will actually take down the very barns that we turn into cases.


All products are handmade by one Amish builder located just outside Viroqua, WI.  There is no mass production on an assembly line and in fact each and every case is made utilizing construction techniques passed down through multiple generations.   Like any other product, we do run our products in small batches to increase efficiency.   


A vast majority of the accessory items are produced within 150 miles of ARC headquarters.  


Dave's Guitar Shop - one of the top ten in the country, Dave's (as it's often referred to) is located in La Crosse, WI.  It's one hell of a guitar shop and we have the privilege of borrowing some amazing instruments you see in our product photography.  We also have product in their store and love working with them.

Santa Cruz Guitar Company (SCGC) - we have a special relationship with SCGC and own one of their fine instruments as part of one of the oldest sustainable actions in the book.  We traded a guitar case plus some co-advertisement efforts for a Vintage Southerner sunburst.  We heard some first hand examples  of SCGC's sustainability efforts while touring their facility (with Richard Hoover, Founder as our tour guide!).  One example that stands out was the story of a custom guitar built for John Fogherty of Creedance Clearwater Revival fame that was made from a very old church pew from Brazil.  Check out their website for more information on their commitments to sustainability.  SCGC - About the Woods.