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When choosing a single instrument humidor, it is necessary to consider a few key factors. Understanding the differences, similarities, and terminology will ensure the best experience for years to come. We have three standard types of single instrument humidors, which are available in a variety of wood species and sizes to fit many different instrument types. Our standard wood catalog offers over 25 domestic and exotic wood species and we carry varying levels of inventory of each.  

For those looking for more customization, we offer three custom build batches per year.   Our custom build batches consist of all types of single instrument humidors using rare hardwoods from around the world, custom stain selections, custom sizes, and unique combinations of two or more woods.

All of our humidors provide critical humidity control by creating an airtight environment and utilizing a reliable means of humidity control. We create this airtight environment by incorporating our patented Guaranteed Seal SystemTM which includes a durable, black neoprene gasket and a pair of high strength, stainless steel latches which pull the door tight to the gasket. The humidity control is provided by Boveda Two Way Humidification Packets, which come in either 49%, 49% High Absorption (HA), or 72% packets.

Single Instrument Humidor Types


We offer three core types of single instrument humidors, which vary based on the shape and whether they are mounted to the wall or free-standing on the floor. The ClimaStand is our floor model and is currently only available in the triangle shape. The ClimaCase is our wall model and is available in both the triangle and rectangle shape. During production, we will insert all wall mounting locations into each triangle shape humidor, meaning it can be either a floor or wall model by the addition or removal of the base. All mounting holes are finished with a matching 1/2" wood plug, giving the finished product a clean, finished look.


Our unique wedge shaped base is slightly declined, which positions the instrument at a comfortable viewing angle. With our innovative Bolt On/Off system, the base is easily installed or removed within minutes with only an allen wrench. The base also features a small storage compartment on the backside, a small footprint, and a stable, strong, and secure platform for the humidor. In addition, it is aesthetically pleasing and can be made from the same wood or different wood than the humidor.


Designed around a dreadnought acoustic guitar, the single instrument humidors will accommodate nearly every common size guitar. For those needing more room, we have created Standard Jumbo and Super Jumbo sizes. In addition, humidors specifically sized for smaller instruments are available. Please see below for additional information regarding these humidors.

Single Instrument Humidors

ClimaStand | Triangle

Our flagship model, the ClimaStand | Triangle has been around since Acoustic Remedy's inception. Featuring a triangle shaped humidor with a stable, Bolt On/Off Base, the ClimaStand is approximately the footprint of a typical guitar stand.

ClimaCase | Triangle

With the removal of the base, the ClimaCase | Triangle wall model is born. Featuring three secure mounting points, the wall model is perfect for practically any size room and especially where floor space is at a premium.

ClimaCase | Rectangle

With a more traditional display case shape, the ClimaCase | Rectangle features a larger window, more wood around the neck and headstock, and a bit more breathing room for larger instruments. A great choice for fit and form.

Jumbo Humidors

Standard and Super Jumbos for larger bodied acoustics, arch tops, bass guitars, and more.

Small Instrument Humidors

Wall models for mandolins, violins, all four sizes for ukuleles, and other small bodied instruments.

Handmade by the Amish in Western Wisconsin


  • Each humidor is made by hand in small batches using woodworking techniques passed down through generations
  • Strong joinery

Patented Guaranteed Seal System™


  • Durable neoprene gasket around the interior perimeter of humidor is perfectly positioned on a wood strip and is proud of the edge by approximately 1/2"
  • Airtight environment is created as the gasket is compressed by a pair of spring loaded latches
  • Once the instrument is inserted or removed, simply close the top/bottom latch and seal the humidor


Industry Leading Humidity Control


  • Boveda's patented Two-Way Humidity Control packets automatically add or absorb moisture, using only pure water and natural salts
  • Available in 49%, 49% High Absorption (HA), and 72% packets for a variety of climates.
  • Slotted Aromatic Cedar packet holders hold two packets each
  • Packet holders are placed in the lower corners of the humidor for easy access
  • Four packets will humidify or de-humidify your humidor for approximately 2-3 months in dry climates


Standard and Upgraded LED Lighting


  • Standard LED Lighting
    • Mounted at the top with a high strength magnet
    • 2 levels - high and low
    • Push button on/off/level selection with optional remote control
    • Operates on AAA batteries
  • Upgraded LED Lighting
    • LED strip light housed in aluminum channel with a white frosted lens runs entire perimeter of humidor
    • Plugs into standard outlet with included AC/DC adaptor
    • Dimmable from 1-100% with preset 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100% plus up/down arrows to customize the light level
    • Estimated lifetime of 50,000+ hrs


Catalyzed Lacquer Finish


  • Woodwright brand catalyzed lacquers are the measuring stick in the wood coatings world, providing superior resistance to harmful elements such as moisture, scratching, marring and chemicals
  • Acoustic Remedy sends all products to Southside Finishing, an Amish shop that is in high demand and provides the attention to detail handmade furniture deserves
  • Finish is applied one product at a time, in a meticulous five step process
    • Advanced Catalyzed Sealer
    • Hand sanding
    • Catalyzed Laquer coat #1
    • Hand sanding
    • Catalyzed Laquer coat #2
  • Matte sheen is standard, with additional sheens available by request
  • Compatible with Woodwright brand stains


Standard and Custom Staining

Sizes for All Common Stringed Instruments

Upgradable Components


Triangle Dimensions


  • Humidor
  • Base
  • Total Dims


Rectangle Dimensions


  • Humidor

Standard Jumbo

  • Humidor
  • Base
  • Total Dims

Super Jumbo

  • Humidor
  • Base
  • Total Dims

Small Instrument Humidors

Shop for Single Instrument Humidors


Using our ClimaCase or ClimaStand Builder, you can custom create a humidor from a wide range of wood types, sizes, shapes, and upgrades/options


We have 75 +/- 15 humidors in stock at any given time. In stock inventory can upgraded and customized with glass type, lighting, and locks.


We are available Monday - Saturday to assist by phone and typcially respond to emails within 24 hours. We're here to help!

Top Single Instrument Humidors

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Electric Guitars

Although acoustics are more effected by fluctuating humidity, electrics still need a stable environment to sound their best. In addition, they look great on display and will be played more often when they're close by.

Customer Testimonials

"Acoustic Remedy is the FIRST place I head to whenever I buy a new guitar. Their humidors do a fantastic job of keeping them healthy."

John G  - Mount Vernon, New York

"The Cabinet is beautiful! The finish is pristine! Smooth like butter we are beyond Happy with it. Thank you!

Mary Jane P.  - Ottawa, Canada

Great construction! Made well!
Highly recommend if you like to play and (or) if you’re a collector alike

Andrew M.  -  Tuscon, Arizona