AR Testimonials

Acoustic Remedy Cases, LLC is proud to have satisfied and enthusiastic customers who have shared their excitement of the ClimaStand.    We share these testimonials as evidence of our customer service in all phases of the process including order placement, production, delivery, and beyond to form lasting relationships.  Approximately 25% of our orders are from repeat customers, which is a testament to our drive for complete satisfaction.  We have the great fortune of saying that Humidipak was our first multi-case customer when they ordered (5) ClimaStands for their Corporate Headquarters.   

Testimonials from Customers and Others

We were contacted by Sean Bowman of Gibson Guitars to provide some cases for their booth at Gearfest.  We had the pleasure of interviewing Sean regarding how the cases performed and to get a 3rd party review from a reputable person in the guitar world.  Take a peak at the video, it's great!



Merry Christmas Adam….here is a photo of the 5 cases that we have up.
Left to right are a John Arnold-Jimmy Rodgers replica signed by Doc Watson-here’s a clip of Doc Playing it before he signed it!
Next is are 3 Henderson’s  1-D41, 2-OOO-42, 3-D28.
Last is a Santa Cruz 12 fret Brazilian owned by Chris Hillman.
Hope you like them as much as we like the cases.
Thanks Adam!


Hi Guys,

They arrived today. Nice work guys they look great. Just calibrating the hydrometers and I’ll let you know how the humidypacs handle the conditions.



Queensland, Australia



Hi Adam!

Hope things are great on your end! Sending you and yours good thoughts and best wishes for the upcoming holidays!

First thing: I have attached two photos, check ‘em out.

As you’ll see, those two cocobolo cases have transformed an otherwise boring hallway into something very special.

They look amazing! Displayed beautifully within are a pair of very special hollow-body D’Angelico guitars. 

The guitar on the right is a D’Angelico “Purple Deco.” The way the lighting inside the case makes the sparkle finish glisten and kick light is really something. The photo doesn’t really do it justice, but I can vouch that people have gotten mesmerized staring at it.

The guitar on the left is a D’Angelico Excel that was owned by Eric Clapton. I purchased it from Gruhn Guitars when they sold off a bunch of his personal guitars last year. (They included a small photo of Clapton playing this guitar, and I’ve been meaning to get it framed or laminated so I can place it inside the case too. I’ll do that before too long.)

As you can see, the lighting turned out spectacularly well. My electricians had no problem at all getting the cases rigged up — as I mentioned, they are particularly gifted workers, so they just figured out the best way to do the job and got on with it. The wiring is very discreetly run through the backs of the cases, and the LED transformers were mounted directly into the wall behind them. They work perfectly and are a delight. 

Total home run on your choice of LED strips lighting! I can’t imagine anybody NOT wanting this lighting package in their cases, they’re just too good to pass up.

It turns your cases into something very special indeed. It’s almost like the way footlights light up a theater stage: very glamorous when the lighting is cranked high, but beautifully moody and ambient when the lighting is dimmed.

In short, this lighting package makes all the difference. Absolutely sensational.

I have a few more pix, plus a short video of when my guys were doing the install. I’ll send you those too, and feel free to put them on your website if you wish. (Hey, what’s your cell number? The easiest method to send you video is by text, not email.)

Changing gears:

I see you have a sale going! I’m thinking of ordering a pair of your provincial maple cases.  

I look forward to hearing back from you at your convenience.

Frank Darabont, Academy Award Nominated Director | Hollywood, CA



One of you said to send a picture or two of what my basement music studio will look like with the cases. Just about all the Furniture and stands in the room are nice wood pieces.
I love the 3 cases you all made for my studio. The humidity control system is working wonderfully and I am basically rotating my guitars into the 3 cases and keeping the room at 38% humidity. The quality of the cherry and walnut is wonderful, they are pieces of high quality furniture in my studio.

David H. | Louisville, KY



Attached are a couple of pictures of the walnut rectangle wall model I purchased from you originally.  I would love to purchase another case/box from you. The one in the picture is awesome and you guys are a pleasure to deal with. Let me work on it and please never hesitate to reach out!


Phil N.


Got the new cases. They look and work great. Attached are a couple of rough pictures. The one on the right is going to soon house a new Taylor Grand Pacific 717e WHB. Happy to send additional pictures using a nicer camera once this is all set up. Controlling humidity wonderfully. Really nice cases. Thank you!

Steve S. | Indianapolis IN


I bought two wall cases over two years ago to try out. I liked the design, but wanted to check for myself how well they managed the environment. The hygrometer consistently showed humidity right on target in the mid 40s throughout the winter. For me, the real test was when I took one of the

guitars out to play: they were always very close to being in tune. Where I live, it is common for the tune to drift by as much as half a tone when the seasons change. Having the guitar stay in tune was a clear sign that the cases were maintaining a consistent environment for them. I bought one more case in the spring and then when some two tone cases became available I got two more to put in the living room. All have been in service through all four seasons.

I find the cases to be nice furniture in addition to protecting my favourite guitars while making them convenient to grab and play.

Peter R


All is good.  Love the case it’s beautiful. 

M. Gelinas | Minoqua, WI


Hi, last Xmas after doing months of research I decided to purchase the Wall guitar model case. Even at an Holidays discount price of $800 I was not sure if buying your case was worth the price. I was wrong purchasing this case was a game changer in me playing the guitar everyday. Not only the craftsmanship is superb but been able to see my guitar safely display is priceless.

Thank you,
Bertrand | New Jersey



It's been about 6 months since we purchased two walnut floor cases
1.  They arrived perfectly; were easily assembled and look beautiful = great craftsmanship and quality.
2.  The cases are clearly well sealed as the initial humidipaks are still holding the RH at near 50% and our normal outside RH runs between 25% > 35% where the guitars are kept.  Wow! 5 months of having the guitars easily at hand while being kept at optimum RH.  I play a lot more now, just because they are visible.
3.  We collect art and the Remedy cases are just that too = visually pleasing and a compliment to our décor (I have attached a pic)
4.  Dealing with you was a pleasure and I've recommended these to a few player/friends already.

- Davis Beauchamp | Calipatria, CA



Sweet View !

I purchased one Cherry Wall ClimaStand a year ago and within that year the wood color has darkened very nicely and the case maintains a comfortable humidity at about 55%. I just purchased two more and had a friend help me hang all three on the wall "Beautiful!" I'm happy, my Guitars are happy and we have received numerous compliments. It's Art on the wall!! Thanks Ryan

- Jan T | Richfield, MN



"I bought this cabinet for my husband to keep his Martin guitar in. It is beautiful! He has no problem keeping the humidity just right, and everyone who sees it always oohs and ahhs at the beauty. We love it."

- Kathryn Lambert | Golden Valley, AZ


Just great!! With the deep freeze we're in here in the cold white north it's just what the doctor ordered. Ryan was amazing. Great communication, prompt service and overall excellent management of my expectations. At the end, I got a quality product that I know, will be something my grandkids will look at for many years to come. I can't recommend the product or company enough. I will be buying more of these!

Phil N. | Toronto, ON Canada


"Guitars for me not only provide endless enjoyment, each and everyone is also an investment. I actually budget in an Acoustic Remedy Case with each new guitar purchase . If you think I'm nuts just ask any luthier what happens to valuable guitars that are neglected and left in their case. I own 6 AR cases, love them, more to come ...and they look so cool!

-Marty Jaramillo | New York, New York
2000 Gibson 1934 L-5 Reissue

1994 Gibson 100th Anniversary Custom Ray Whitley SJ-200/Brazilian (#29/37)

2010 Gibson Custom Shop -  Les Paul 57' Re-Issue  
2014 Fender Custom Shop 64' Specs-Stratocaster
1991 Fender Custom Shop Telecaster Acoustic Deluxe


"I purchased two cases from acoustic remedy cases for my new home studio and can't wait to order a couple more. The cherry wall case for my Les Paul is first class quality. The fine woodwork and latches sold me."

- David Hess | Louisville, KY


"I ordered a Cherry Floor model online through the Acoustic Remedy site.  The order was completed within the 5 to 10 day window.  They took extra care to make sure the unit was properly conditioned prior to shipping due to my dry climate.  The package arrived in perfect shape and the stand looks great.  It was easy to assemble the base and now I can display my guitar without fear of damage."

- Gary Kessler | Evergreen, CO

"I love my Acoustic Remedy case. I bought it to display a guitar that is more a piece of art than an instrument I play, and so I wanted a way to "frame" it, while keeping in mind that it is also a guitar that needs to be taken care of. The Acoustic Remedy case is the perfect tool for the job.  My Walnut Wall Model case looks great and is working wonderfully. I'm using it to display a prized piece of mine, a guitar I received as a gift that has artwork drawn on it by Dave Matthews."

- Bobby Gottfried | Washington, DC

"Case is perfect for our new apartment. Built to last."

- Daniel Cott | Mount Kisko, NY

“We’ve tested a lot of cases over the last ten years, including display cases, and the ClimaStand has performed as good or better than any other case we’ve tested. And the craftsmanship is superior to any other wood case we’ve evaluated. We’re especially amazed at its ability to hold humidity given its size.”

- Sean Knutsen | President, Humidipak

 "I reside in the high desert mountain regions of New Mexico.  Typically we have humidity levels of 2 to 10% most days of the year with temperatures typical southwestern, 90 to 100 range.  Our winters don't get any better humidity wise!  My classical guitars are worth several thousand and Brazilian Rosewood and New Mexico don't like each other.  I came across an advertisement for these cases and it made me wonder would they work here.  After some email exchanges and a challenge to prove what they advertised, (see their You-Tube video), I purchased a Brazilian Cherry Floor Model.  It has a place amongst my instruments for my most valuable, best sounding, Abel Garcia Lopez Classical guitar.  The humidity level has remained at a constant 47% without any waiver. It took about two weeks for the guitar to restore to an even humidity balance and the tone is the honey tone I have remembered.  I am even storing my spare and replacement classical guitar strings in my cabinet to precondition.   I have had my digital gauge, which comes with the cabinet calibrated to be positive.  My wife declares "it is beautiful." 

The construction of the Acoustic Remedy Cases is flawless!  Mitered joints and an extremely high grade seal around the door.  I ordered mine with UV glass because of our intense sunlight here.  The piano style door hinge supports the weight of the door without any flexing.  If you read this, please trust these cases to your expensive guitars.  It will be a wise investment!"

- Steve Bonner | Albuquerque, New Mexico

"As a resident of Chicago who has electric heat and no way to get central humidification, I was very worried about keeping my guitars safe. Once I found Acoustic Remedy Cases, my problems were solved. Not only do they keep the guitars at 50% humidity, they do it even when I have to be gone for a month or two. They are terrific!"

- E.J. Finneran | Chicago, Illinois

“I've had a couple of months to try out the FM, and I must say that it definitely belongs on the list of products I don't want to send back.”

- John Fellman | Photographer/Author:

 A post from a happy customer on Acoustic Guitar Forum:

- Axeman71 | Toronto, Ontario

"I finally had the time to set up my new case and I LOVE IT!  It's very well made and I think it looks great protecting the Jewel of my guitar collection, the very first R. Taylor guitar ever produced (Serial Number 0001)."

- Ron Denoo | Fort Wayne, Indiana

 "Why ‘fret’ over low or excessive humidity ruining your treasured guitars? I purchased two flamed maple guitar cases from Acoustic Remedy and found their suggestions, workmanship, customer service, packaging, delivery, overall value and my customer experience to be outstanding. Thank you, Adam and Ryan!"

- Fred Perrin | Canada

"I now have a safe home for my Martin OM45, 1979 and I’m looking at another for Martin D-35, 1971.  It’s wonderful how the size of these cases can store virtually any sized acoustic out there!  I have several guitars that I plan on storing in the case depending on which I have with me on the road and I love knowing they will all fit while being displayed so nicely.  As for the protection - the Humidipaks are working wonderfully.  I was a bit skeptical how well they could work in New York where the winters can be bone dry, but they have held steady between 40-50% as advertised.  Great product in combination with the gasket/latch system on the cases!"

- J.B. Jenkins | New York, NY

 I just wanted to let you know my wife and I just installed our new ARC Walnut wall display case and we couldn't be happier. The craftsmanship, fit and finish of the case itself is First Class!  We love it and so does my guitar! Our customer experience with ARC was excellent all the way through; from ordering to shipping to support during the installation process. Now I just need to decide what type of wood to choose for my next ARC display case! 

And on Acoustic Guitar Forum:

NOTE:  Read the full article and see how some people are doing it.  Then scroll to 2nd comment from bottom for Steve's comment.

- Steve Berger | Redondo Beach, CA

"I bought a Froggy Bottom guitar and it made good sense to protect it.  So, I got an Acoustic Remedy case.  Beautiful and functional!  It is a real work of art, like the guitar.  I liked it so much that I got another one to hold my Taylor.  In a world where companies too often disappoint, Adam and Ryan at Acoustic Remedy are craftsmen who make a product that will stand the test of time.  I can’t praise these cases highly enough.  Anyone who cares enough to buy a fine guitar surely cares enough to take good care of it.  This is the best way to do that." 

- Bob Kasieta  | Madison, WI

 "The ClimaStands look so great in my living room. They literally show my guitars in a different light. The appearance is striking, and it's great to know that the guitars are being properly protected even while they look so great."

- Glen Feinberg | Pleasantville, NY

"Just a quick note about the case.  Its been holding at 49 - 50% RH for the last 5 days since I received it.  In terms of fit and finish I couldn't be more pleased.  The wood grain is beautiful.  I would be glad to recommend your product to anyone.  If I can write something for you stating my satisfaction I would be glad to do so.  This case hit all the targets for me, functionally and aesthetically."

- Don Grider | Indianapolis, IN

 "Hope your holiday crunch was good for your business.  I'm happy to report that my case is still holding approximately 50% humidity on the two original Humidipaks.   And that is with an indoor humidity running in the 35% or less range due to my furnace and wood stove.  So the product is working great so far and I am very pleased with it.  It's nice not to have to think about refilling a sound hole humidifier all the time on that guitar.  And, as I mentioned before, we think it looks great."

- Dan Powers | Boyne City, MI

"Got the case together and it is really nice!  We love the wood...the cherry is incredible!  We are going to need (3) more, so please save the cherry that matches the first case and I'll be in touch soon to work out the details, but we are " leaning" towards (3) wall cases.  Thanks very much!"

- Keith Black | Woodbridge, VA

Everything about the case is great.  Fit and finish are excellent; it is a beautiful piece of furniture that gets compliments from every visitor.  Best aspect is that I am playing more because it is right there, readily visible, calling to me.  So, I grab it for just one song when I only have a few minutes while cooking dinner or when I have just minutes to kill.  The spirit moves me and I grab it.  Before, it was carefully tucked away in its case in order to maintain hydration. It had to be stored in the spare room due to size.  I seemed to need 45 minutes available before I bothered to get it out.  Now it is out at a moment's notice, even if just for a few minutes or a song or two or a couple times through a riff.  It has become much more a part of daily life.  I love it!

- Steve Borchardt | Rochester, MN

 "I just got it put together and it's beautiful!  My wife is very proud to have "picked me out such a nice Christmas gift"!  I told her it was just what I wanted and worth waiting for.  The grains in the wood are amazing and the craftsmanship is 1st class, can't wait to show it off.  I definitely want to add the cherry tenor ukulele wall case."

- Rick Higgins | Raleigh, NC

 "Got the case last night and it's beautiful. Excellent fit and finish, great addition to my office (see photo).  Thanks for the great work.  You’re very helpful…and you make great cases."

- Don Jonovic | Shaker Heights, OH

 "I love my acoustic remedy floor case. House is 23% my case 48%. My luthier built baby jumbo is sitting pretty!"

- Edward Rice | Winchester, VA

 "I'll send photos, I haven't had a chance yet but I will.  I wish you could see in it my living room.  It's a showpiece!  Everyone tells me how good it looks and I love the texture in the wood.  It's awesome!"

- Jon Fortuna | Rockford, Michigan

"I treated myself recently to a walnut version of Acoustic Remedy's "climastand" and to say the least, it is a beautiful focal point in my guitar studio. It's an excellent new home for my Dake Traphagen classical guitar and it serves as a piece of it even made my wife happy. Thanks Guys!"

- Joel Henderson  Crown Point, Indiana