Aromatic Cedar Traditional ClimaCab

Welcome to the Acoustic Remedy Cabinet Builder.  Our unique website will guide you through the process of building the case you want to your exact specifications!  

  1. First select your desired wood type and click "Next".
  2. Select configuration for the upper portion of your cabinet
  3. Select configuration for the lower portion of your cabinet.
  4. Select the hardware finish for your cabinet.
  5. Add Upgrades:  Add upgraded lighting, glass, and security features.
  6. Double check your order and check out.

Every ClimaCabcomes standard with the following:

  • Patented Guaranteed Seal System
  • Automated electric humidification system
  • Boveda Automatic Humidity Control System
  • Standard Glass
  • LED strip lighting

Click here to visit the ClimaCab specifications page for detailed information regarding dimensions, shipping, and available upgrades.

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