ClimaCab | 120 dB Audible Alarm

The  120 dB Audible Alarm is a security alarm audible from long distances alerting you when the door of the ClimaCab has been opened.  This professionally installed alarm operates wirelessly and is easy to activate with an accessibile on/off switch.

Quantity Required

The quantity required is based on the size of the ClimaCab and the number of doors on those sizes.  All ClimaCab doors require one alarm to operate correctly.  When selecting this product, place the appropriate number of alarms in the cart for the size of the ClimaCab.

Petite/Petite+:  One door, one 120 dB Audible Alarm

Traditional and Up:  Two doors, two 120 dB Audible Alarms

Loud Alarm 

• 120 dB security alarm is perfect for signaling to you when there is an unwanted entry. Audible at over 750 feet, it can alert you while simultaneously deterring the unauthorized access.


• Wireless alarm sensor means no wiring is necessary and 6 LR44 batteries are included to give you approximately 18 months of usage. A low battery indicator will alert you when to switch batteries.

Easy to Mount

Self adhesive backing means you can mount wherever you desire as long as the minimum distance of 0.5" is maintained for the device to work.

Sleek Design

Ultra slim build and sleek design make them discreet and contemporary looking.

Accessible On/Off Switch

• Easily activate the alarm with accessible on/off switch preventing unnecessary alarms

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