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Important Notice

The Neck/Bout Rest storage system is one of five systems you can choose and is additional cost from the standard Top Rail. The pricing shown on this product is not for the entire ClimaCab and only to add the Neck/Bout Rest storage system to the base price of the ClimaCab.

Price varies depending on size of the ClimaCab and wood species.  Please click the link on this product listing which will open a PDF document that further describes the system and has a pricing chart embedded into it.  


Our initial designs for the ClimaCab centered around hanging the instruments from the Top Rail Hanging System, which is a standard offering for all ClimaCabs.  From there, we immediately saw an opportunity to include slat wall along with the Top Rail Hanging System, which the two in tandem become the ProHang system.  Following these initial designs, we had requests from customers to create a system which allows the instruments to be rested versus hung.  At that point, the Bout & Neck Rest Storage System was born.

This add-on, optional storage system incorporates innovative adjustable rails and neck rests allowing you to maximize you additional storage of your instruments.  No one system is better than the next, it's truly a matter of preference.  We've fielded plenty of questions about any risk with hanging guitars and the bottom line is this is not a dangerous situation for instruments (the strings put far more pressure on the neck than the weight of the instrument); however, this system may appeal to you aesthetically and therefore may be the right choice for you.

Design & Features

All core components of the ClimaCab remain identical with this option with the exception of how the instruments are stored.  Therefore you still have built in, redundant humidity control, hermetically sealed environment, LED lighting, and the whole host of benefits. 

Adjustable Bout Rails

Two sets of rails are secure make up the bout rest portion of the system.  The first set is a small one inch wide rail permanently affixed to the floor of the ClimaCab and run front to back in the ClimaCab.  Each has a routed out section on the top that houses a powder coated metal bar.  This bar attracts the high strength neodymium magnets on the underside of the second set of rails. T

The second set of rails, which is what the instruments rest on, are cork lined on the top and have slight angle to cradle the instrument bout.  These rails run left to right inside the ClimaCab.  On the underside of the rails are two neodymium magnets at either end.  These magnets secure the rail in place at any position along the rails permanently affixed running front to back.  This effectively means the cork lined rails move in and out to any point to accommodate different sized bouts on instruments, to change the angle of lean into the neck holder, and to maximize versatility of your ClimaCab.  For example, you could store all larger bout acoustics on the left side of the ClimaCab and smaller bout electrics on the right side.  The rails are very secure and will not have any slippage, so your instruments are safely stored.

  • All rails are made from 100% hardwood and measure 2” in height with a 15 degree angle to properly contact your guitars on the lower bout.
  • To move the rail, simply pull slightly in upward motion and the magnets will release allowing you to place in alternate location. Each rail is independent of one another maximizing your storage possibilities.
  • Store guitars at 45 to 90 degrees and all angles in between.  Utilizing the front facing option (discussed below), you can select which guitars you see the front of and which you place in sideways.
  • Lined with finish safe cork to protect your instruments’ finish.



Front Facing Option

In addition to the magnets underneath the cork lined rails, we also took an additional innovative step to maximize your options.  Underneath the cork lined rails there is an additional powder coated metal bar routed in and flush with the wood surface.  The bar is never visible once the thin cork liner is applied, however due to the strength of the neodymium magnets, you'll know it's there once you explore the front facing option.

We created hardwood, cork lined cross pieces which adhere to the cork lined rails and lock safely in place.  When these are inserted in pairs, a rest to position a guitar front facing has been completed. 

Move them anywhere you wish along the rails.  Remove them quickly and easily to revert back to the standard storage system.  Each ClimaCab comes with two sets (four cross pieces) and additional are available for purchase.

Adjustable Neck Rests

All neck rests slide along a rail mounted to the back of the ClimaCab and secure into multiple locations depending on the size of the instrument.  In similar fashion as the other components, a powder coated metal bar is embedded into the rail and neodymium magnets on the back side of the neck holder.  This effectively makes them moveable anywhere along the rail.  They are also completely removable or able to be added for additional instruments.  Each ClimaCab comes with the appropriate number based on size and additional are available for purchase if you'd like to add more storage to you ClimaCab in the future.

Neck Rest Mobility

Move along the rail and secure in place with neodymium magnets.  The entire neck rest rail is an option to place your neck holder with this system and the possibilities are endless.

Neck Rest Security

The U-shaped cut out fits every neck from large to small and prevents the guitar from slipping out of the rest by narrowing the entry point slightly. The bout rails keep the angle at which the neck enters the neck rest declined enough to create a secure, safe storage solution for your prized instruments.

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