ClimaCab | Bout & Neck Rest Storage System


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ClimaCab | Bout & Neck Rest Storage System

The ClimaCab - Grand | Bout & Neck Rest Storage System is an optional storage system that incorporates innovative adjustable rails and neck rests allowing you to maximize your storage options.

All core components of the ClimaCab - Grand remain identical with this option with the exception of how the instruments are stored.  Instead of hanging the instruments from the Top Rail Hanging System, which is standard for every ClimaCab, or from the Slat Wall Hanging System, which is an optional upgrade, we've developed this system in response to customers' requests.  Shown below are the key components of the Bout & Neck Rest Storage System.

Adjustable Bout Rails

Two sets of rails are secured in place by high strength neodymium magnets. There are four locations where the magnets are installed on bottom of the cabinet and the underside of the rails.  This allows for moving the rail from front to back in the cabinet to allow for different sized bouts and secures the rail to prevent any slippage.

  • All rails are made from 100% hardwood and measure 2” in height with a 15 degree angle to properly contact your guitars on the lower bout.
  • To move the rail, simply pull slightly in upward motion and the magnets will release allowing you to place in alternate location. Each rail is independent of one another maximizing your storage possibilities.
  • Store guitars at 45 to 90 degrees and all angles in between.
  • Lined with finish safe cork to protect your guitars’ finish.



Adjustable Neck Rests

All neck rests slide along a rail mounted to the back of the ClimaCab and secure into multiple locations depending on the size of the instrument.  They are removable or available for purchase if you'd like to add more storage to you ClimaCab in the future.

Neck Rest Mobility

Move along the rail and secure in place with either magnets or a pin/hole system. Both are equally secure and available based on your preference. If you elect for the magnet system, the security of neodymium magnets finds a creative application by holding the neck rest in place. If you elect for the pin/hole system, a matching wood dowel is cut precisely to fit through a hole on the rail and in the back of the neck holder.

Neck Rest Security

The U-shaped cut out fits every neck from large to small and prevents the guitar from slipping out of the rest by narrowing the entry point slightly. The bout rails keep the angle at which the neck enters the neck rest declined enough to create a secure, safe storage solution for your prized instruments.

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