ClimaCab Shipping


We strive to secure only the best to secure reliable, fast, and safe shipment of your ClimaCabs.  Shipping rates cannot be determined until close to actual shipment date due to fluctuations in size, weight, availability of cargo transport vehicles, and other factors.

All ClimaCabs are shipped in dedicated shipping crates made from 3/4" thick plywood and lined with 1/2" foam padding.  The shipping crates are made to precise specifications to eliminate any movement of the ClimaCab during shipping.  We pay for 100% insurance coverage and should anything happen to the ClimaCab during shipment, we will proceed with filing a claim for the damages.  If this unfortunate event occurs, we will make sure you are taken care of and take on the task of getting everything corrected.  You will not be left dealing with a damaged item guaranteed.

How It Works:

We will communicate with you as the ship date nears and determine a few factors which will influence the price.  One option is to choose a deluxe or white glove service, which includes debris removal and movement of the ClimaCab into a first floor room of your choice.  If you opt to not include this option, then the final delivery truck will have a lift gate and will get the crate off the truck and onto your driveway.  From there, you will be responsible for removing the ClimaCab, disposal of the debris and getting into your house.  We strongly recommend you inspect the ClimaCab for any damages prior to signing off on the shipment receipt.  Acoustic Remedy Cases is not liable for any damages when moving the ClimaCab into your home.

Our website is set up such that we have to assign a dollar amount to each product.  Therefore, this product's starting price is $100.  We will bill in increments until we reach the total for shipping.  Often times this may require overshooting the quoted amount and then discounting back out a certain amount to correct.  For example, if the shipping is $560 we will add six increments of $100 to the cary and discount $40.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions.  We will make this easy and there should be very little for you to decide on.

Delivery Day:

The shipping company will contact you about 24-48 hours prior to the delivery date to set up a time.  Someone will need to be available to receive the shipment and sign off that it arrived in satisfactory order.  The shipping company will dispatch a local truck and crew to offload the ClimaCab depending on your preference of deluxe or standard shipping.  If you elect for the deluxe service, they will bring the proper tools to uncrate and move into your house.