ClimaCab | StealthLock - Set of 2

The StealthLock is an enhanced locking system available for all sizes of the ClimaCab.  This professionally installed lock operates with a keypad to operate the locking mechanism.  All ClimaCab doors require a set to operate correctly, one along the top door frame and one along the bottom door frame.

The pricing shown is for two StealthLocks (a set) and one transmitter pad.  

Quantity Required

The quantity required is based on the size of the ClimaCab and the number of doors on those sizes.  All ClimaCab doors require a set to operate correctly, one along the top of the door frame and one along the bottom of the door frame.  When selecting this product, place the appropriate number of sets in the cart for the size of the ClimaCab.

Micro/Petite/Petite+:  One door, one set of StealthLocks

Traditional and Up:  Two doors, two sets of StealthLocks

Invisible Keyless Cabinet Lock

The kit includes two receiver latches and strike plates, plus one transmitter pad to lock/unlock two Stealth Locks.  All locking components are 100% internal to the ClimaCab and controlled with a wireless transmitter keypad. The keypad can be stored in a drawer, on the door, or anywhere within 15 feet of the ClimaCab

Battery Powered

• Uses AAA for the receiver latch and a CR2032 coin battery for the transmitter pad

Strong Locking Mechanism

• Designed to pass the ANSI/BIFMA 50 pound pull strength specification

Pin Activated Locking/Unlocking

• Simply enter the PIN and the transmitter sends a signal to release the locking mechanism. No keys and separate user/master PINs

One Transmitter Pad, Multiple Locks

 • One transmitter pad can activate up to eight receiver latches

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