ClimaCab | Traditional - Flame Maple Natural | ProHang Display Option with African Mahogany Slat Wall

ClimaCab | Traditional

Featuring ClimaControl Technology™

The ClimaCab | Traditional is a popular size of our multi-instrument line of humidors. It can comfortably store anywhere from six to eight instruments depending on configuration and display option chosen. 

Designed with maximum versatility to display instruments and control the climate around them, there is no parallel to the craftsmanship found in each Acoustic Remedy ClimaCab.  

Discover the enhanced beauty of your prized instruments in an exquisite, handmade ClimaCab | Traditional. You will find yourself playing more and ensuring your instruments are preserved for a lifetime of use, balanced sound, and true tone.  

Just as you've come to expect excellence in your instruments, you can now have the same in your ClimaCab | Traditional.

About This ClimaCab

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  • Wood Species: Flame Maple.  Base price - $8,350
  • Stain: N/A
  • Display/Storage Option:  ProHang with African Mahogany slat wall.  $900
  • Standard Lower Section:  17" tall
  • Glass Type:  UV Blocking/Safety Glass.  $625
  • Humidity Control System:  Vigilant - Both Active Humidification and Dehumidification (Primary) + Boveda (Secondary).  The dehumidification module adds $2,000

  • Specifications

    48" W x 72" H x 22 1/8" D

    ClimaControl Technology™

    When it comes to preservation and general well being of stringed instruments, humidity control is considered one of the most important topics for musicians to understand and pay attention to.  Being that humidity is relative to temperature, both play an important role in lifespan, playability, and tone from the instrument. For this reason, Acoustic Remedy focuses on overall climate control via our industry leading ClimaControl Technology™.

    This technology revolves around a very simple principle that a hermetically sealed environment is much easier to consistently maintain optimal climates for instruments housed within than one that allows for exterior air to enter the cabinet and disrupt the conditioning process. We accomplish by incorporating a highly durable neoprene gasket and spring loaded latches that pull the door tight upon closing.

    Once the interior is sealed off, we incorporate our Dual Humidification Process™ that includes not only a Vigilant active humidification and dehumidification system, but also a back-up source with Boveda Two Way Humidification packets stored elegantly in handmade Aromatic Cedar packet holders.

    Patented Guaranteed Seal System™

    A durable, automotive grade, black neoprene gasket is mounted to a hardwood strip and is positioned above the framework around entire perimeter of the upper section of the ClimaCab.

    Black powder coated spring loaded latches provide 30 pounds of pull each and can be open/shut with one hand very similar to latches found on common instrument hardshell cases.  Upon closure, the neoprene gasket is compressed against the door frame and creates a hermetically sealed interior.

    Dual Humidification Process™

    Vigilant Humidity Control System 

    • The Vigilant Humidity Control System consists of a 1 quart reservoir, a smart controller, a humidity and temperature probe, a fan, and all necessary wiring
    • The dehumidification module does not require any reservoir to drain, instead using de-ionization through a membrane to drive humidity down.  This process uses a small amount of electrical current to break apart the H20 molecule into hydrogen and oxygen ions.
    • Factory calibrated at 50%, the set point is easily manipulated up or down with arrow buttons and easy to follow menus.  The two systems will work in tandem with each other to add or remove moisture to achieve the set point.
    • The reservoir is housed in a hardwood box that is secured to the center of the bottom of the upper section and drops into the lower section approximately 10"
    • 1 quart reservoir requires refilling only 10-12 weeks, on average

    Boveda Back Up Humidification Source

    In addition to the Vigilant Humidity Control System, the patented Boveda Two Way Humidity Control Packets serve as a back up humidification source allowing you the peace of mind in the event of gaps in filling of the reservoir, extended power outages or time away from home, and as calibration tool by absorbing or emitting moisture as needed.

    • Boveda’s patented 2-way humidity control continually responds to ambient conditions by adding or removing moisture to affect the enclosed environment and deliver the pre-determined RH (relative humidity) level printed on the pack
    • Packets available in the following RH levels: 49% (standard), 49% High Absorption (HA), and 72% Seasoning. Please elect at time of purchase if either the 49% HA or 72% is preferred over the standard 49%
    • A leakproof permeable membrane allows for the transfer of water vapor without causing damage to product or packaging through direct contact
    • The saline solution contained within the packets works on the simple principle that salts combined with water will naturally regulate humidity

    Boveda Aromatic Cedar Two Packet Holders

    • Packets are stored inside of slotted Aromatic Cedar Two Packet Holders allowing for elegant and discrete storage

    Handmade Quality

    Fine woodworking is more about an individual piece or style, it's about reshaping the raw, organic, and natural beauty of Mother Earth to give it a new life in your home with purpose and elegance that's more than the sum of its parts.

    In a world consumed by mass-production there is something so gratifying in the slow and meticulous process of creating a unique piece from start to finish. The Amish woodworking is second-to-none and this ClimaCab is built to last many generations.

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