Custom Sized ClimaStand

If your instrument requires a custom sized ClimaStand, we have the ability to scale the traditional acoustic/electric sizes to suit your needs.  To date we've built ClimaStands for many instruments ranging in size from violins to cellos.


  1. The entire process starts by getting in touch with us by email or phone to discuss your project.  You can send us an email and get our phone number from our Contact page.
  2. We will discuss key details such as instrument information, wood type, and timeline.
  3. Correct sizing begins by getting key measurements from the instrument, including total length, width at the widest spot, and length of headstock.  This is typically accomplished by the client and does not need to be extremely precise (within 1/2" is acceptable).  In some cases we can do some research online and obtain necessary measurements if available. 
  4. We then sketch the instrument on large pieces of paper, cut it out to create a one dimensional model, and head to the builder.
  5. Typically we will insert the cut out into a standard guitar ClimaStand and discuss alterations to length, depth, and width necessary to properly house your instrument.
  6. We will discuss with the builder how much the variations will effect pricing and communicate a final price to the client (see below for additional cost information).
  7. Each custom ClimaStand build requires 50% down to get the build scheduled.  The remaining 50% is due at the time of shipping.
  8. Shipping will be determined based on size, value of wood, and other factors.  We strive to find the most cost effective method for shipping and sometimes for protection purposes we are forced to ship on a pallet.  


    • In most instances, the cost increase is minimal and covers the need to build new patterns, jigs, and templates to accomplish the build. To get a ballpark figure, most prices for custom ClimaStands are approximately 10% more than common wood types seen on the Floor and Wall Model pages.  

    • In certain instances, there is substantial re-design and increased wood costs required to build the custom ClimaStand

    • The amount shown on this product is the baseline price and we will give you a custom quote on all custom sized ClimaStands

    • If necessary, we will issue an additional invoice to cover the remainder of 50% of the total cost to get the ClimaStand into a build schedule

    • When the ClimaStand is ready to ship, we will issue an invoice for the remaining due


    • Why aren't smaller ClimaStands substantially less than our standard guitar ClimaStands?

      • The cost to build the ClimaStand is the same or slightly more depending on if the jigs, patterns, and templates have been already developed and are ready for use.  There may be slightly less board footage in these cases, but the other variations keep the cost about the same and require us to inventory additional boxes, glass sizes, and other final supplies to complete the build.

    • Do you recommend putting smaller ClimaStands on a base or hanging on the wall?

      • When first developing smaller ClimaStands for mandolins and violins, our approach was to hang them on the wall.  However, we had several clients approach us that wanted a small base made and use the ClimaStand as a floor model.  This actually worked surprisingly well and we began to offer both variations.

    • What is the typical turnaround time for custom size ClimaStands?

      • Depending on where your order falls in a build cycle, you can expect anywhere from 4-6 weeks from order placement to ship date.  If your order is placed shortly after a batch completion or requires purchasing exotic lumber, you can expect 8-10 weeks from order placement to ship date.  We will remain in communication with you throughout the process with updates during the build so you know what to expect.


    To date we've built some impressive custom ClimaStands for our clients. We are always thrilled when the next project comes through the door and are excited to add to this list.
    Some examples of instruments we've built ClimaStands for include:

    • violins
    • ukuleles
    • mandolins
    • parlor sized acoustic guitars
    • bass guitars
    • lap steel electric guitars
    • large bodied acoustic guitars
    • long scale electric and acoustic guitars
    • banjos
    • cellos

    Combine our custom size option with the array of other customizing options to take your ClimaStand to the next level!


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