Custom Wood Options

We work with the world's top suppliers of domestic and imported wood species to allow you multiple options for customizing your Acoustic Remedy products.

We've worked with many clients to match their guitar, the interior of their home or studio, or simply because they've seen the wood in other applications and want to try it out.  The results are stunning and we are always excited to try new species.

Important Information:

  • The species shown here are examples, but not an exhaustive list
  • We will issue an invoice for the cost of the custom wood once we've discussed with the builder and the wood supplier
  • Some wood species may not be suitable for creating our products. 
    • All wood behaves differently and some issues we've encountered is twisting, cupping, checking, and other non-desirable features
    • It's possibile that the length, width, and thickness of the lumber we require is not available
    • Some lumber is restricted by CITES and the countries from where it's grown.  The USA also restricts what wood species are allowed into the country.  Most of the examples do not have present restrictions but could in the future
    • If we discover the wood species is being illegally harvested or doesn't meet FSC standards we will not purchase it
  • Some of the species we may have in inventory and we've worked with before with other clients.  Please inquire about current inventory.
    • Examples include Waterfall Bubinga, Cocobolo, Purpleheart, Wenge, African Paduak, TIgerwood, and Zebrawood
  • Turnaround time is lengthened with all custom wood options
    • Expect 8 weeks minimum from order placement to shipping
From working one-on-one with the customer to seeing the wood transformed from raw lumber to a beautiful finished product, we love the entire process.  If you have something other than what's listed here in mind, please get in touch through our Contact Us page.



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